Do you like SPAM? and 7 Random Things

Our school district changed over to a gmail server this past spring.
They have asked us to check our SPAM frequently and delete accordingly.
Have you ever really taken a look at your SPAM?
I  don't mean opening the emails.
I'm talking about the sender and message title???

Well, in my SPAM today, I was...

***asked to send money asap to the UK
***encouraged to buy a Rolex
***urged to meet Christian singles
***offered help in lowering my debt
***offered help in enlarging certain body parts overnight (parts I don't have)
***reminded to collect my lottery winnings
***asked to sell my time share
***called "my dear" at least 3 times
***offered a date with a "blonde wife looking for dates"
***spoken to in a language I cannot read
and a few other emails I really shouldn't discuss here...oh, my!

So, do you think they are all SPAM?? I deleted them all before opening.
I hope I made the right decision! Especially with the lottery win and timeshare offer.

One more piece of SPAM trivia: Did you know they offer a recipe on each SPAM page?
Today's recipe was for SPAM Veggie Pita Pockets.
I've attached it in case you would like to try!

I have yet to answer the questions that go along with The Versatile Blogger Award-
so here they are!
7 Random Things about Me
1) I get a kick out of checking my SPAM emails.

2) I am a classroom decorating nerd. I seriously spend a great deal of time getting my room just like I want it. Love it! Seriously!
Love a scrunchy border!

3) I am single, as in not married, no kids. I do have kiddos I consider mine, like my 3 nephews, several friends' kids, and every child I've ever taught. : )

My soon to be second graders on the playground this spring with
 my precious assistant and me!
(and some crazy green frog we had for the day)

4) I had a heart scare 3 years ago. It seems an infection found its way to my heart. I went through many tests, a heart cathe, and cardiac rehab. I take a pill everyday and see my cardiologist every 6-9 months. I'm also supposed to exercise regularly and eat right. Small price to pay for life.
Take care of this!! :))

5) I LOVE Sour Cream and Onion potato chips, specifically LAYS!! I could eat a whole bag at one sitting! (I don't, but I could.) Do you see the nutrition ingredients here?

6) I get a spray tan when I go to the beach then spend my time in the comfy beach chair under the umbrella. I LOVE the beach and the sun, but those other things (wrinkles, age spots, skin cancer) I don't want to deal with at all!
This is where I want to be!!

7) Even though I won't be taking part in the "Find Christian Singles Online," I am a Christian! I believe Prayer is powerful and sometimes Faith is all we have! I am also a firm believer that the way you live your life is the greatest testimony one has. Talk is cheap! Put your words into action! 
Happy Weekend, Friends!


  1. We have #3,6, and 7 in common. I had skin cancer a few summers ago. I cringe when I see sunburned skin. Actually, tanned skin does it to me too. Seriously, it's not worth it. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I have at least 20 of those same kinds of Spam emails in my spam folder EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is ridiculous. I have clicked on some of them just to make sure it wasn't from someone important. All of them end up being about winning some large lottery in the UK or someone in Spain or something needing you to wire them money because something happened. They never are legit.

    I too am a Christian and feel that we should always live our lives in a way that is pleasing to God. We want others to see Him through the way we are living our lives. Well said :)
    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  3. Your spam remarks are too funny! I just wrote about one that I received on my post today. Winning the lottery!! lol There is nothing more satisfying than being a child of God!

  4. What a fun Summer blog post! I enjoyed reading it and getting to know you!

  5. Loved reading this post! :)

  6. My mom used to make these pizza burgers with spam that were to DIE for!! Seriously, we LOVED them. And such a clever connection to all that spam mail . . . I sure hope you did NOT throw away the winning lottery ticket!!

    Summertime smiles,

    The Corner On Character

  7. This was a great post! Don't forget those lottery winnings!! Now you can retire, lol! :)...I didn't realize Lays chips were so healthy! That's my new excuse for eating them in excess!!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  8. You are too funny! Hate the SPAM emails as well. It seems like when you try to "unsubscribe" you are just put onto another list and will start receiving even more SPAM! Don't like it from the can-don't want it in our inbox!

    ps LOVE your scrunchie borders :)
    ~Christy & Tammy