Freebie and More!

I don't know about you, but my babies truly struggle with all those tricky words that look and sound alike. I'm talking about why, who, how, with, you know what I mean!! 

I made a little Memory game to reinforce these words. Hope you like it! 
Click the pic to get your freebie!

Teacher's Notebook
I did it! I opened a Teacher's Notebook shop! I'm really not sure if it's Teacher's or Teachers' because the site uses no punctuation in the name, oh well! 
My shop is there now anyway. 

It looks like TN is really growing! 
They have about 500 shops now! 

I'm still uploading activities but am excited to be there!!

The Big Sale

It's coming up, y'all!

Cheryl at Crayons and Curls is having a BIG giveaway for 200 followers! 
She'll have 4 winners! Go see her now!

Tricia at Queen with Class has reached 100 followers 
and is giving away some precious spinners! 

Go check them out!

Happy Sunday!