Read the Room Thoughts and a Freebie

There is so much to learn in blogland! I THINK I have uploaded my first freebie TPT. You'll be able to tell in just a minute. 

If this pic doesn't show up
 you can still download through TPT! 

My kiddos LOVE Read the Room! 
For a long time, I had students search the entire classroom for words containing weekly blends, chunks, etc. They could look on the walls, in books, wherever. What I found was that some of my sweeties became very distracted and ended up wandering (or worse) instead. Skip ahead a few years...

What works for me: Allowing students to search the room for specific word cards containing the skill we are covering at the time. When my kiddos are focused on looking for these cards, all the other distractions seem to disappear.  They truly want to be the first one to find them all. Talk about competition! We love them! They work for us! I hope you like them, too! 

Please give me some feedback. I would love to know what you think.  Don't you love those hearts? From the Pond-Love her!