TPT Oops!

Two weeks ago, I opened my tpt store and was so excited...that is until today. 

When I make something for others, I like to try it out on my class first. WELL...believe me when I say- that's a really good idea!! 

I posted "I Have, Who Has-Space Race" BEFORE trying it out on my class and guess what? I used the word KITE two times-ugh! 

If you purchased it, please go here and re-download. It has been fixed. If you have already printed your activity, reprint page 6, and you'll be good to go!

I cannot begin to tell you how horrible I feel about this! 
I am a little OCD about proofreading so please accept my full 
apology and don't give up on me yet! 

Here is "Space Race" in all its corrected glory!

Once we realized the Oops, one of my boys said, "Can't we just draw a line through it and write RIDE?" That's exactly what we did, but you don't have to! 

Once KITE became RIDE, we enjoyed the activity! We like to time ourselves each time we use our "I Have, Who Have" games! They do love them! 

I am working on an "I Have, Who Has-10 More Addition."
It will be out this week and will be classroom tested first!!!

Yay for the camera! I'll be back later this week with pics