What Works for Me Wednesday #3

Two Days! That's what we have until Spring Break!! 
We are spent! All of us!! We NEED a break! 
(End of the day! I'm telling you-SPENT!)

Scary part-When we return, we have 3 weeks until Easter Break
 and then 6 weeks until summer! Oh, my!! 

Now, on to What Works for Me!

A quick one today!

Gumball Math

One of my first posts was the way I used 

Several of you asked to see it with gumballs, and here it is! 

We use large pom poms for the gumballs. 
I let the kiddos choose their colors.
It works for us and is so colorful!

My Tip for You: We try to do Math drills twice a week.  
Every other week we complete 3 drills. 
During that week, I make sure one of the drills is a review drill. 
This gives struggling kiddos a boost of confidence.

Listen to Reading
We implemented Daily Five this year! 
I love each of the components, including Listen to Reading! 

Well, those of you who have Listening Centers know 
how difficult it can be to manage. 

What I have found is individual CD and cassette players 
work well with my babies.
No arguing over titles or who is in charge. 

We still have a CD player with 4 headsets if the kids want to read together, 
but the individual sets are options as well.

My Tips for You: 
1) Batteries!!! Know going in...you are going to need batteries! One of the only downfalls to individual players is the many, many batteries you will consume!!! Purchase rechargeable ones if you can.

2) Model for the pumpkins how to use the players! Then model again! 
Then practice! Oh, goodness! Do it! Really Do it! Just trust me!

Definitely a quick one today but hope you found something useful!!

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