What Works for Me Wednesday #4

Today is What Works for Me Wednesday, but...since I'm on Spring Break, 
I'll share a couple of pics and remind you of a great opportunity!

So what works for me?

1) This normally very active kiddo surrounding himself with the globes
 as he gets comfy and SO engaged in his book!

2) These sweet boys seriously searching the room
 for our weekly skills during Read the Room!

3) This silly one who just wanted her picture taken as she was being measured. 
We might be a little off on this measurement...

 4) Parents who go above and beyond to make our class parties festive! 
Heart-shaped muffins and strawberries for our Valentine's Day Breakfast!

5) Teamwork: This ALWAYS works for me! 
So glad I had my camera when these kiddos were in their playground huddle! 
LOVE it!

Most importantly, link up with Crystal at Kreative in Kinder to lend support to fellow teachers! This one could work for all of us!!

Happy Wednesday to you!!!