The Before Classroom Tour

Like most teachers, I love looking in other classrooms.
Well, since I plan to do a minor overhaul to mine this summer,
I thought I'd take you on a tour of it-mess and all! 
Here it is, in all its glory!

Actually, the floors have just been finished! Look at them shine.
 I did not do them. Our custodians did. They did a really nice job!

Do y'all have to move every single thing out
 into the hall before school is out for summer? It's loads of fun!

Front Wall (Hall)

I'm going to start this tour to the right of my hall door (that dark spot, the lights were off in the hall.) We'll go clockwise.

This is the wall that backs up to the hall. You see a little wall space and my Smartboard. My Smartboard was put over one of my markerboards. I know...

  You also see a lot of electronic stuff covered up for the summer. Dust, you know.

That's a television hanging from the top of the wall. Do y'all have those?? I don't care for it at all, and we really don't use it now that we have a Smartboard. Let's just hope it's secure.

Right Side Wall

Another shot of the hanging television. We're turning the corner here.  The blue wall. I would love to paint this wall, but it's cinderblock. Has anyone ever painted on cinderblock?? Is it worth it??

Thank goodness for another markerboard, and there's my one built-in bulletin board. I'm going to change the paper so I've taken down the border for now. 

Right Side Wall #2
Here we are-the end of the blue wall. Same built-in bulletin board and the beginning of the window on the outside wall. My plan is to get rid of that filing cabinet eventually! I don't have a desk, though, so it's pretty full.

Back Wall (Outside)
This is the outside wall. I love the large windows.  I just wish they opened... We have major fluorescent lighting. Do y'all?? I'll try not to get so much of it in the shot next time. The short brown door in the right corner is the cooling/heating unit with the vent underneath.  I try to keep kiddos away from that. 

Left Side Wall #1
Coming around the corner, you see our precious Teaching Assistant's desk and the sink and cabinet area next to the air/heat. Then you see the restroom door. This restroom is for adults. No explanation needed. After the RR, you see the beginning of my homemade bulletin board. 

Left Side Hall #2
Continuing down the homemade bulletin board wall, you see the closet door (opened by the bb) and the hall door on the side wall. I should have turned some lights on in the closet and the hall. 

Well, that's it. 
                            Lots of fluorescent lighting, a shiny waxed floor, 
and a bunch of other stuff that needs to be put in place. 
But that's what summer is for, right??

I want this place to be a cool colors paradise!
Seriously, I really want to scale down the rainbow of colors in my room.
Yes, they are beautiful, but also very stimulating.
I want peaceful, calm, serene.
You know, peace and love and all that.

I'll keep you updated!