THAT Pencil Sharpener

Let me ask you a few questions.
 What kind of pencil sharpener do you have in your classroom? 
How many do you have?
 Well, this past year, I had 3 electric pencil sharpeners in my room.
 As one came close to biting the dust, I would add another one.
 By Christmas, we had 3 very loud, slow, pencil eating sharpeners.
 What's a girl to do?

Well, in January I was given the opportunity to try out 
and review the Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener. 
I haven't looked back. We LOVE it! 
It's easy to use, quiet, and turns out the sharpest lead I've seen in some time. We're hooked!

 As a matter of fact, we are not the only fans. 
Many of the teachers in our school have come down
 to see the cool new pencil sharpener. 
My first graders have been able to demonstrate the sharpener
 to older students in the building. 
How neat is that?
We love it so much, we have no problem taking turns!!

There is also a great clamp that attaches the sharpener to a table.
It's not shown in these pictures.
We don't use it because my students like to sharpen
 in different places in the room.

This is seriously one awesome pencil sharpener!
Click on the pic to go check it out!
One more thing: If you purchase 3 sharpeners, you pay only $17.99 each. 
Find a few friends and place an order! You won't be sorry!

I'll be back this weekend with a fun giveaway!
Happy Thursday!