Do you like SPAM? and 7 Random Things

Our school district changed over to a gmail server this past spring.
They have asked us to check our SPAM frequently and delete accordingly.
Have you ever really taken a look at your SPAM?
I  don't mean opening the emails.
I'm talking about the sender and message title???

Well, in my SPAM today, I was...

***asked to send money asap to the UK
***encouraged to buy a Rolex
***urged to meet Christian singles
***offered help in lowering my debt
***offered help in enlarging certain body parts overnight (parts I don't have)
***reminded to collect my lottery winnings
***asked to sell my time share
***called "my dear" at least 3 times
***offered a date with a "blonde wife looking for dates"
***spoken to in a language I cannot read
and a few other emails I really shouldn't discuss here...oh, my!

So, do you think they are all SPAM?? I deleted them all before opening.
I hope I made the right decision! Especially with the lottery win and timeshare offer.

One more piece of SPAM trivia: Did you know they offer a recipe on each SPAM page?
Today's recipe was for SPAM Veggie Pita Pockets.
I've attached it in case you would like to try!

I have yet to answer the questions that go along with The Versatile Blogger Award-
so here they are!
7 Random Things about Me
1) I get a kick out of checking my SPAM emails.

2) I am a classroom decorating nerd. I seriously spend a great deal of time getting my room just like I want it. Love it! Seriously!
Love a scrunchy border!

3) I am single, as in not married, no kids. I do have kiddos I consider mine, like my 3 nephews, several friends' kids, and every child I've ever taught. : )

My soon to be second graders on the playground this spring with
 my precious assistant and me!
(and some crazy green frog we had for the day)

4) I had a heart scare 3 years ago. It seems an infection found its way to my heart. I went through many tests, a heart cathe, and cardiac rehab. I take a pill everyday and see my cardiologist every 6-9 months. I'm also supposed to exercise regularly and eat right. Small price to pay for life.
Take care of this!! :))

5) I LOVE Sour Cream and Onion potato chips, specifically LAYS!! I could eat a whole bag at one sitting! (I don't, but I could.) Do you see the nutrition ingredients here?

6) I get a spray tan when I go to the beach then spend my time in the comfy beach chair under the umbrella. I LOVE the beach and the sun, but those other things (wrinkles, age spots, skin cancer) I don't want to deal with at all!
This is where I want to be!!

7) Even though I won't be taking part in the "Find Christian Singles Online," I am a Christian! I believe Prayer is powerful and sometimes Faith is all we have! I am also a firm believer that the way you live your life is the greatest testimony one has. Talk is cheap! Put your words into action! 
Happy Weekend, Friends!