May we talk about grammar and y'all???

  My name is Laura, and I am a grammar freak! Actually, grammar and spelling.
I admit it. Please don't judge. I cannot help it. I have tried.
FYI: I only correct first graders. I DO NOT correct anyone else.

I'm not talking about grammar as in "writing your blog like you talk" or typos.
I'm talking about the blatant misuse of the English language. AND spelling-oh, my! 

And, by the way, I use dictionaries and spell-check a lot!
I don't profess to know every grammar rule or how to spell every word but I do my best to find the answers.

I attribute this to my eleventh grade English teacher.
Each time someone spoke incorrectly, that student put a dime into a jar.
Seriously! The 1980's-you could do that then!
At the end of the year, we had a pizza party with our poor grammar loot! 

When you are 16, you try very hard to hold on to every dime you have!
Thus-grammar freak!
May I say I learned a lot in that class?

How do you spell y'all?

I have friends who call me to ask how to spell words or if certain sentences sound okay.
I am happy to help.
This past week, one of my friends saw me write this word-y'all.
She told me we spelled that word differently and asked if her spelling was wrong.
She spelled it like this-ya'll.
I smiled. She knew the answer and asked me to show her why.

So, blogger friends, here it is:
The correct spelling of y'all explained.

Y'all is a word. It's in the dictionary as a contraction. 
It follows the same rules as all other contractions. Except those rule breakers like won't.

1) A contraction starts with two words.
2) Some letters are taken out of the words and substituted with an apostrophe.
3) The two words are put together as one word.

you  +  all
you  +  all
y'     +  all

Does that make sense?? 

May I tell you how therapeutic that was?? Wow!
Would it offend anyone if I had a little grammar therapy on my blog?
I'm a Southern girl. We don't like to offend, you know.

Happy Sunday!