12 in 12

Happy Sunday, friends!
This week, I'm joining Hadar and Kristin for their end of year 12 in 12 party.

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My 12 in 12

12) Favorite movie: The Fighter        
Just loved it! That's all!
It may have something to do with this guy, but I don't know...

11) Favorite TV series: Hands down, Downton Abbey! 
If you haven't seen it, you must!

10) Favorite Restaurant: Table 100
We have a local restaurant with the best shrimp and grits ever!
     Love some Table 100!!!

9) Favorite new thing I tried: Definitely blogging! 
Who knew about this crazy cyberworld of awesome educators and new friends?? Love it!

8) Favorite gift I received: New pajamas...always!

7) Favorite thing I pinned: 
This one makes me laugh because it happens to me so often at school!

6) Favorite blog post: Has to be my scrunchy border post. 
It's been such a conversation starter! 

5) Best Accomplishment: Creating materials for my kiddos and opening stores on TpT and TN.

4) Favorite Picture: My Mother and Daddy on their 50th wedding anniversary! How cute are they?!
3) Favorite Memory: My parents' 50th wedding anniversary! Love them!

2) Goal for 2013: Order...just that...restore order!

1) One Little Word: Simplify

What are your 12 in 12?? Link up with Hadar and Kristin!