A New Year, Currently, and Resolutions

Wow! Just Wow! The very last day of the year!
 In a few more hours we'll see 2013.

 When I was little, we thought we would all live like The Jetsons in 2013! 
I guess in a few ways we are, but I still want Rosie the Robot!!

Farley has already posted Currently

Listening: Sometimes you just have to be still.  Psalm 46:10

Loving: A little more time off. There's still so much to clean...

Thinking: how great it is just to be living this life!

Wanting: Honestly, nothing, but my kitchen needs a little help.

Needing: You know...to clean.

One Little Word: BALANCE! Everything in moderation. 
I tend to let certain areas of my life take over. I need to balance a little more.

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Personal Resolution: Simplicity and (my OLW) Balance!
I started simplifying "stuff" last year and want to continue. It really does make life a lot easier. I also want to work on balancing. I miss out because I get too caught up in one thing. So...Balance!  

Blogging Resolution: Authenticity!
I want my blog posts to be more consistent and
true to why I started blogging in the first place. There's so much to learn and share. I truly enjoy this blogging community!

My friend Barb at Grade ONEderful made this precious New Year's button! Thank you, Barb!

My New Year Wish for You:All the Joy and Happiness your hearts can hold!!
Happy New Year, Friends!