Magical Product Swap-Spring Style!

Hi, friends! It's time for the Magical Product Swap,
brought to you by precious Jessica at Mrs. Stanford's Class. 

This past week, we dug deeply into Homophones, thanks to my friend, Kacey at Doodlebugs!
 You know Doodlebugs, right?? Kacey's stuff is quality stuff, y'all!
Even before we "met" and even before I found out she was a Mississippi girl, I was a fan! 

I can tell you, my kiddos KNOW homophones, now!
They've been completely fascinated by them!
Check out what's included in this pack and what we've done this week!

The first activity we completed was a Homophone match.
I used this as a game, and we HAD to play several times each day.

 We stood in a large circle. Then I distributed one card to each child. Once everyone had a card, the kiddos walked around the room in silence (Ha!) until they found their homophone partner. They loved this "game." This match was in a center each day, too.

We completed the next activity whole group before I placed it in a center.
Each child was given a sentence. Some homophones were used correctly in the sentences.
Some were not. Each kidlet read his/her sentence then placed it under "Yes" or "No"
to show whether the word was used corrrectly.
 I apologize for the blurry spots on these pics.
I had a smudge on the lens.

 We also used this fun little activity in a center.
Kiddos read sentences and chose the correct homophones to complete their sentences.
Then the kiddos completed their recording sheets.

 This pack also includes several other printables to reinforce the use of homophones.
My students completed these independently, and I used them as assessments.

I have to tell you, I loved this mini-unit!
It's perfect for a week of quality Homophone instruction!

Thanks so much, Kacey, for allowing me to give it a go!
Click on the cover above to try it for yourself, friends!

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Happy, Happy Weekend!