Happy September, friends! Fall is coming, and I love it!

**This is a serious post. I'm not being compensated in any way by these shoe companies.
I'm not opposed to it though. Wink!

Don't you love these Dr. Scholl's slip-ons??

I've been searching for YEARS (I did say YEARS)
for a cute but comfy shoe to wear to school.
I'm telling you, it is not an easy task!
When I started teaching in 1991, shoes were cute and comfy.
I choose to remember them that way anyway.
I know we didn't wear heels to school and weren't allowed to wear flip flops then.
We were wearing stirrup pants, too, so maybe the shoes weren't as cute as we thought...
but they were comfy. 

Here I am 22 years later and looking for a comfy shoe.
I would really, really love it if it were cute, too.
Tell me it isn't too much to ask!! 

Just FYI: My classroom is not carpeted!

Have you ever googled Teacher Shoe??
It's interesting. Go take a look.

Here are a few pics that popped up on Google.

 Not exactly what I had in mind, but no judgement here.

One of my sweet friends comes to school in her cute shoes.
By 9:00 am, she is wearing her Sock Monkey slippers in her classroom.
She wears her "real shoes" in public places like the cafeteria. 

Back to my problem.  Cute comfy shoes.

I have these and a few others very similar.
They are comfy for about 2 hours, then not so much.

I found these and love them.
They are so light and comfy, but I can't wear them with everything.
By the way, they are Easy Spirits. I'm not ashamed...
They have a whole line of e360 shoes that feel like you are walking on air. Cute, huh??
Recently I came across these and am IN. LOVE.
They make me happy and are super comfy, but not comfy enough to wear to school everyday!

Born has some cute Fall shoes, but we really won't wear them around here until October.
I want something I can wear year round!
I really like this one! it comfy?? It's Born-it should be!

I'm more than smitten with this shoe right here, too! Oh, my!
They are so cute, and they look very comfy! But then, there's the price tag...

 If by some really weird chance, the Tieks folks are reading this,
I'd be more than happy to try out a pair!

A lot of people tell me to try Alegria or Dansko.
Have any of you tried them?? I'm just not sure!

 Love the hearts on this Alegria!

 Love this zebra print Dansko, too!
Okay, friends! It's your turn!
I would love any help I can get!
Remember, I'm looking for CUTE and comfy!
So, what shoes do you wear to school?