Camera Dump!

Just uploaded a ton of pics from my camera and thought I'd share them with you.

Our Fact Family Anchor Chart

 Look who visited our classroom during the Scholastic Book Fair.
Only one firstie was frightened.
She wanted us to send him home!

 We did directed drawings of scarecrows back in Fall.
Some of my kiddos obviously didn't hear the direction to "erase your pencil lines." : )

 Some of our sweet girls were fascinated with the lime green Keurig
we got for Christmas! So funny!

 Opening one of our Kindle Fires from our DonorsChoose project!!
Very excited about the Kindles!

 This year, for our parent gift, I used clipart alphabets for the kids' names
instead of magazine letters. Love the new look!
Definitely my favorite parent gift!

 The end result! This year's Mod Podge was matte instead of gloss.
I would suggest gloss, but they are still adorable!

I hope your week is WARM and fun!!