Top Ten Things to do this Summer!

Today is my first official day of summer vacation!
It seems like the year flew, especially after Spring Break!
Hello, summer!

Sweet Deanna Jump decided she would make a list of ten things she wanted to actually DO this summer, and I think that's a great idea, so here goes:

I really, really want to do these things in the next 10 weeks!

 School Stuff First!

 1) I want to find some new chapter books to introduce to my firsties next year.
I'd like to find at least 3 new books, so...
I'll be reading some kiddo chapter books this summer.
I'm taking suggestions, by the way!

 2) I also plan to read a few "Teacher" books.
These are on my shelf right now.

Ready to reread this one! My favorite!!

3)  For the first time, we had to turn in our keys for summer.
Well, until July anyway.
When July comes, I plan to spend one week working on my classroom then letting it go.
"Let it go!" "Let it go!" Singing that song to remind me!

4) I plan to update several products in my TpT store this summer.
Goodness, some of them are overdue! 
 Okay, not this one. I really like this one!

5) Hopefully, I'll be moving these two into their new home.
My parents just sold their house (my childhood home)
and are in the process of house hunting right now!
Scary and exciting!
 They are just so cute!

6) I plan to read some big girl books, too!
Can't wait to dig into some of these books on my Pinterest board

7) I want to spend a few days in my pjs doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
Hopefully rainy days. Is that terrible??

8) Next month, I'm getting together with my best friends from high school.
I'm ready to see them and spend a few days catching up!

9) I also plan to spend a few days in New Orleans next month
at SDE's Reading, Writing, and Math conference.
Love quality PD and ADORE that city!
So happy NOLA is only a few hours away!

10) Lastly, but not least...I Teach 1st and TpT Conference in Vegas this July!
I am over the moon about spending a week with my bloggy friends
and meeting everyone in person!
So excited!

Link up with Deanna and share your Summer To Do List!!
Happy Weekend, friends!