First off, let me just say, "I love pretty paper!" I mean LOVE!
Pretty paper and bags are two of my weaknesses. 
Okay, and children's books, and shoes, and wine, and clothes, 
and coffee, and Ticonderoga. But that's another post.

I've tried all kinds of personal planners and teacher planners.
Some have been prettier than others. 
Some have been more functional than others.
But...I've loved something about each planner I've used.
That is, until I met The Teacher Anchor.

Chandra Jayne created The Teacher Anchor and is a girl after my own heart. 
I would love to say she is a good friend, but we've never met.
 Maybe one day, although after this post she may think I'm a stalker.

 Chandra is a teacher, friends. She KNOWS what teachers need.

She has created a beautiful and functional teacher planner.
Did you hear me say, "beautiful AND functional?"
I love EVERYTHING about it!!

Y'all, we have to submit our lesson plans online. 
But honestly, that one page of plans doesn't get me through each day. 
As tech savvy as it is, I need more.
I need a place to jot down notes about my kiddos. 
A place to document student learning and record 
ALL THOSE THINGS that drive instruction!
This is it, y'all!

The Teacher Anchor is an 8 1/2 x 11 spiral bound planner and binder system.
You can choose colorful stripes or dots this year.

It's divided into five sections: 
1-Classroom Information (including Year at a Glance pages)
Favorites: Loaned Out Items, Usernames & Passwords, and Transportation
2-Monthly Calendars (2 page spread)
3-Weekly Calendars (46 weeks)
4-Student Log (14 pages)
5-Blackline Masters (23 + notes and grid lines)
Favorites: I think I love every page! 
It also has a cardstock pocket in the back.

A complete list of CCSS at each grade level K-6 is provided as a 
free download on her site.

Chandra includes tons of backline masters to plan your instruction-
something you can't get on that one electronic page.
Whole group planning, small group planning, and individual conferencing. Everything you need is there.
I use those forms in a binder for my DRAs and another binder for progress monitoring. My student data is right there driving my instruction.
 Intentional Teaching!
This pic is from Chandra's instagram.

Each morning, I get out my Ticonderogas and my coffee mug, and open my Teacher Anchor and smile.
I use it ALL. DAY. LONG.
I take it home in my bag each night because I'm afraid something
 will happen to it at school. I know. Paranoid much?

Take a look at The Teacher Anchor at
This year, Chandra has an all new shop and product line that offers planner stickers,  personalized folders and notepads, and tons of gift ideas.
I've already begun playing with the stickers! 
Love the bright colors, large size, and clear font!

December 22, friends...early release!

Here is my personalized gingham 2-pocket folder.
So many uses for this. I want one in every color. 
I bought 3 folders last year, and the pockets have held up nicely.
So, what do you think?  

You can read more about The Teacher Anchor and binder system
 AND watch Chandra in her own words here.

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