Paint Can Make-over
Does Melanie at Schoolgirl Style inspire you as much as she inspires me?
Well, I noticed she's been using paint cans in some of her decor lately. 

I've been wanting to make something fun with these paint cans ever since I saw Melanie's pic. 
Here's my craft - a paint can make-over!

Pick out the size can you want.

 Choose some fun scrapbook paper.

 Measure the can vertically, then cut the paper to that length.
The small cans from Hobby Lobby measure 4 1/2 inches.
If you want color on the inside, fold the paper once it's measured.
If you prefer white on the inside, just cut to 4 1/2 or the size of the can you find.
Does that make sense?

 I folded mine before I cut it so the zebra print would be inside, as well.

 Curl the paper until it fits into the can like the above pic.

 This is what it will look like after you've placed the paper in the can.
Once the paper is in the can, push the paper under the rim inside the can.
This will secure the paper. I did not use tape.

You can tell the paper is secure in the two cans above. The rim is over the paper.

 The finished product.
Now there are several things I can do with these cans.
Add labels or ribbons, raffia, anything!

 I won't throw away my lids. I'll place them in a basket for circle patterns.
We always need some! 
Happy Monday, Friends!!!