April 2012 | Peace, Love, and First Grade


Today, I'm sharing a few things that work to keep our classroom organized.

1) Pointer Storage
First graders love big books and pointers! 
Sometimes it's not easy to keep those pointers contained, though. 
I found this outdoor vase in the Dollar Spot at, you guessed it, Target.
It was one of the $2.50 items, but one of my best purchases! Love this color, too! I really want to redo my room in cool colors for next year.

Now, if only I could find better big book storage. Any suggestions??

2)Work on Writing 
Finding the right organization for my Writing Table has been an ongoing struggle for me, but I think I've finally found something I like.

Here it is...I use two sets of plastic drawers and put two types of writing in each drawer. Drawers are labeled with paper types and contain folders for different papers, as well.

Getting my students to keep it organized has been another issue.
Here's what I did.
I placed two folders in each drawer. For example, this particular drawer contains Top Ten lists and Vocabulary Cards. There is a labeled folder for Top Ten lists and another labeled folder for vocabulary Cards.

This drawer has Blank Envelopes and Labeling Mats.

Students are responsible for placing the folders back in the drawers once they have gotten the paper they need. So far, it's working!

This pic shows the top of the drawers. The pails include spacers, colored pencils, crayons, and two pails for markers-one for warm colors and one for cool colors. We still have a few kiddos who don't pay attention to the warm/cool idea, but most keep this area organized.

The Great Escape

Like many of you, we are observing the life cycle of a butterfly right now.
One of our Kindergarten teachers (who just happens to have a child in my class) goes out each year and collects Monarch eggs. YES,  she really does!
Well, we are the proud parents of 12 of those sweet babies. 
Here they are as caterpillars.

Ten in Chrysalis stage-
A little hard to see, but they are there.

And the one that got away...

We came in Monday and found this one hanging from the ceiling.  The little rebel!!
He is now our official classroom pet. We named him Bob!!

I'll have to keep you updated on Bob!

Hope your week is super!


This is what the sky looked like the day we went out to cloud watch!!! Amazing! 
I just pointed my camera up, and 
OH, MY, GOODNESS!! It took my breath away! Beautiful!
 The rest of this post pales in comparison...

Weather Week #1
Our Weather Words chart

The kiddos journaling outside

Working in groups to create Water Cycles

The Wizard of Oz
We are reading The Wizard of Oz during our Weather unit!
 I found these 3 copies of this classic. 
1) The top left one is my personal childhood book and the one I'm 
    using as a read aloud. It has been well loved. 
2) The top right is a picture book and great for all first graders. 
3) The bottom book is a Stepping Stones chapter book. I like it for
    those independent readers, but the language is not as descriptive
   as our read aloud.

 Since the kids are SO into The Wizard of Oz, I created a little Number Game they could play independently. It's played like UNO, but with characters instead of colors. They are LOVING it!! I will definitely make more of these!
I took this pic before all the cards were cut out.

Here's the updated version. Click the pic for the link.

For I lift my eyes unto the Lord...Psalm 123

Have an incredible week!