June 2013 | Peace, Love, and First Grade


Many teachers are thinking about their classrooms for this fall. 
Maybe this post from last summer will help someone!

Read before scrunching: The tighter you scrunch, the LONGER it will take.
It should not take that long! Trust me on this!

Making a Scrunchy Border
Happy Summer Thursday, Y'all!
It looks like all of us are working hard this summer!

So, our school has air for a few hours twice a week during the summer. 
This gives teachers the opportunity to work in comfort. 

Tuesday, my partner in crime and I went to school to work and found, 

seriously, 9 other teachers working, also. 

We are all so dedicated! 

Actually, we are just not foolish enough to come work when the air is off...

What did I do? 
I changed the paper on this bulletin board
and made a scrunchy border to go around it.
I had already taken the border off the board before the pic.

Several people have asked me about the scrunchy border,
so I thought I'd share.
This is what you will need:

butcher paper, scissors, and a stapler with LOTS of staples

This is what you do-
I'll be using transition words, here! (even in summer)

First, find the color butcher paper you want to use.
The amount you will need will depend on how big the board is.
Next, cut strips from the paper. I make mine about 3-4 inches. 
You do not need to measure here. Just cut.

Then, fold the strips accordian style.

See, mine are not straight.  No need to measure.

After that, scrunch the accordion strips.
Don't be shy here. Scrunch away! 
Looks like a  scrunchy mess!

Once the strips are scrunched, unscrunch them,
and you are ready to place the border on the board.
I don't think unscrunch is really a word. 

To attach to the board, simply scrunch and staple, then repeat.
Scrunch and staple until you run out of border.
EASY! Be as creative as you like!

I love the 3D feel it gives the board.
I've also twisted the strips before which is just as easy.

Here's the final product!
I really like the bright border with the black paper!

June 2013: I'm getting ready to turn this bulletin board into my Word Wall. Pics to come!
Have fun scrunching!