March 2014 | Peace, Love, and First Grade


***Just FYI: My camera lens seems to have a spot. Sorry about that.

When I was in school,
we had a small manila envelope we brought each week with our lunch money. 

Any of you remember this? 

They are still sold today...who knew?

My school district doesn't offer these,
and, even though we have money pouches in our binders, 
sometimes students come in the door with loose change or dollar bills in their hands. 

It's not just with lunch money, either. 

It's for any type of order or money collection. 

Many times, the form comes in without the money or the money without the form. 

Ahhh! There HAS to be a better way!

Here's what I did to save my sanity!

I ordered lots of small labels and small white envelopes.  

I also ordered legal size envelopes.

Then I got organized.

Over the summer, I typed small lunch labels similar to my childhood envelopes above.

I placed them on plain white envelopes and sent them home at Meet the Teacher.

                Parents just need to fill in the name, amount, and method of payment.
Quick and Easy!

Problem solved for lunch money,
but what about all those forms you send home that need to come back?

Well, as soon as I received my class list,
I typed
one page of small name labels (1 x 2.63) for each child.

We use these labels SO much in class.

We also use them for forms.

When forms go home that need to be returned,
it's super easy to place a label at the top of each form

Then we attach another name label to a small envelope and staple it to the form. Parents return the form and money envelope together.

If a form falls out of a binder, etc, we know who it belongs to.

Less stress!

When the form is returned? We collect all forms and money in a large 9 x 12 envelope with a checklist on the outside

Here are two different checklists.

One has a place for notes, and the second does not.


When you turn in the money and forms to the office, etc,
you have everything you need right at hand.

I use brightly colored envelopes so they stand out!

Keeping up with money is no longer a hassle in our classroom!

I use the following supplies to make handling money easier:
*White labels
   2" x 4" (Avery  5163 on the printer) for lunch envelopes
   1" x 2.63' (Avery 5160 on the printer) for student names
*Small white envelopes 
*9 x 12 envelopes 
*Class checklists for all types of events 

I hope this post inspires you in some way!
If you have other stress-free ways to deal with money, I'd love to hear them!!

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