December 2012 | Peace, Love, and First Grade


I know many of you are already out for the holidays! We have a half day of school tomorrow and then we're home until January 7th! Hip! Hip! I do love Christmas Break!

Do your students love animals? One of my students' favorites topics each year is learning about animals, all kinds. In December, however, they ADORE learning about reindeer! We read fiction and nonfiction books about these fascinating animals, and the kiddos eat them up!! 

Here are some of our favorites!

Obviously, we love Jan Brett's The Wild Christmas Reindeer!  Need I say more? A wonderful story!

Are you familiar with this next book?
It's a precious story of a family who find an injured reindeer. Such a sweet story!

I love using this book in the classroom because
most of my kiddoodles can read this one by themselves.

 How about some nonfiction books?
The next two books are loaded with fun and interesting facts about reindeer!
They are also full of beautiful pics!

Remarkable Reindeer is easy-to-read  and fun! This particular book is great for use with informational text features.
It has an easy to read table of contents, glossary, etc.
 I love these Science Vocabulary Readers.

 Maybe it's Rudolph, but there is certainly something magical about reindeer!
Whatever it is, we've had a blast learning about them this week!!