December 2014 | Peace, Love, and First Grade

Gingerbread Books for Kids!

Hello, my friends!

One of my favorite weeks of the year is Gingerbread Week!

There's just something warm and cozy and downright fun
 about the little cookie men who can't be tamed! 
Even the ones who lose their heads! Ha!

There are so many ways to use the little rebels in the classroom, too! 
Character Analysis, Sequence the story, Cause and Effect, 
Compare and Contrast (versions and characters), Fluency...I could go on! 

This week, Book Talk is a salute to the Gingerbread People of the World! 
Long May They Run!

I've sorted the books into two categories: 
Classic Tales and Alternate Versions

Here are 26 fun favorites!


  by Richard Egielski

  by Paul Galdone

  by Harriet Ziefert
  by Jim Aylesworth

  by Estelle Corke

  by Eric Kimmel

  by Catherine McCafferty

The Gingerbread Man 
(Easy to Read Folktales) 
  by Karen Schmidt

  by Parragon Books

  by Nanci Nolte

Richard Scarry's The Gingerbread Man
by Nanci Nolte


  by Dianne De Las Casas
Ooh, I do love cajun cornbread! This one jumps out of a skillet and sets out through the bayou as an alligator and others try to make him their dinner!

  by Jan Brett
In this version, it's the Gingerbread Baby who gets away! 
While everyone chases the baby, 
young Matti stays home and puts his plan into action! 

  by Jan Brett
This story takes place in a national forest. 
 The wife and daughter of the park ranger bake a gingerbread man,
and, of course, he gets away.

But...the park ranger is quite clever!

  by Janet Squires
This Gingerbread Man rides a horse, need I say more??

  by Jan Brett
In this story, the Gingerbread Baby is looking for a few friends. 
He goes to the bakery with no luck. 
Will Matti help him out again?

The Gingerbread Girl
  by Lisa Campbell Ernst
The Gingerbread Girl is sister to the doomed Gingerbread Boy.
However, she plans to outwit the clever fox. 

by Lisa Campbell Ernst
This time, it's the Gingerbread Girl's birthday. 
Her gift: A box of Animal Crackers.
You can only guess what happens when she opens the box!

 The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School
  by Laura Murray
I love the way this book was created in comic book style. 
This Gingerbread Man was baked at school, 
and when the kiddos go to recess,
 The Gingerbread Man gets to play.

  by Katy Bratun
When Mouse's house was destroyed, she must find a new place to live. 
When she happens upon a gingerbread house, she knows she has found home!

  by Kristin Kladstrup
Jim and his mom make Gingerbread Pirates for Santa,
but Jim keeps one for himself. 

After Jim has fallen asleep, the pirate captain goes off to find his crew.

  by Dotti Enderle
When the Gingerbread Man escapes from his Dewey Decimal System spot, 
characters from the library shelves try to bring him back home.

  by Lisa Shulman
This story takes place at Passover as the Matzo Ball Boy jumps out of the pot. Before long, even the rabbi is in on the fun!
  by Ying Chang Compestine
This story takes place on Chinese New Year when a family
decides to make a rice cake to celebrate. 
Nice book about sharing! 

  by Helen Ketteman
In this tale, a little corn cake gordita escapes from the frying pan and leads some hungry characters on a chase around the desert.

  by Cherie Stihler
Written by an Alaskan children's author, this tale has a sourdough loaf on the run as native Alaskan animals try to catch the tasty treat!

  by Peter Armour
This funny story takes place in a deli as a pickle escapes from the jar.
The other deli food items try to stop the runaway pickle!

There are so many wonderful books about Gingerbread now! 
I hope one of these makes you smile!!

The links here are Amazon affiliate links, but some titles are found on other sites.