Our Favorite Things...Part One

1) Class Big Books

We love all books, but the ones we create as
 a class are our favorites!
They take a LONG time to complete but are
 worth every second!

 2) Pointers
What better way to read a big book than with a pointer?
We have come a long way since the first week of school when the pointers had to be confiscated
for "sword-like" use! A long way!

Pointers AND a class big book!

3) Reading Buddies
Again, we love to read! Reading to our stuffed friends is so much fun! They are such good listeners, too!
 Some of them don't like to sit in our laps...

4) Book Boxes

If you noticed in the pictures above, we have our own personal book boxes. We are learning to make wise choices when looking for good books to read. Now we each have a place to keep our favorites.

You really CAN read anywhere, even the cubby room.

5) Finding Words
We LOVE finding words! We look for words with certain endings, words with special chunks,
nouns, adjectives, you name it!
These are two of our favorites.

These kiddos truly have a fascinaTION with the
word chunk -tion!
Check out the big kid words they know!

More Class Favorites to come...


  1. I just love the chunk -tion. Do you post the poster on the wall and allow kids to write words as they please or is it monitored when a word is added?

    Primary Graffiti

  2. Thanks so much! This one was SO not part of the lesson plan! The kids kept pointing out -tion words so I went with it. I started the poster on the easel, and we added the words they had been discussing. When the easel became too crowded, I moved it to the wall. They still add words but they have to check with my assistant or me before they write.