October 2012 | Peace, Love, and First Grade


I have not been a very good blogger lately! Life sure happens quickly!
I'm going to try to do better...
Let's just move on, shall we??

Book Boxes on Parade

 Most of the classroom shots we see on blogs are "best behavior" photos. So, I ask you...
Does you classroom ever look like this??
This picture was taken after Daily 5 one day. Seriously, what were they thinking??
Look at the one out there in the middle of the room. Really?? 
We have all been assigned our classroom jobs now, and two little pumpkins are in charge of this area. Whew! Thank goodness!
 Signs of Fall
We are all about scarecrows in first grade right now.
Together, we labeled this little guy.

Then we created our own scarecrows and wrote about fall.
I love it when the kiddos have no patterns and just create.
Look at these sweet friends!


This smiling friend was made by tracing and cutting a pumpkin pattern, then cutting the pumpkin into strips and gluing onto paper. We added the face and stem last. So cute!
Paper strip jack-o-lanterns -love these fall crafts!  
 There's something about fall and kiddo's artwork that makes me smile!

Happy Fall!