April 2014 | Peace, Love, and First Grade

Do You GoNoOdle??

Brain Breaks are all the rage now! 

Giving kiddos time to rest their noggins and unleash a little energy at the same time! 

You know, those short bursts of physical activity that keep kiddos focused and motivated...and keep us sane??

I love that idea!

I've been using brain breaks for a while now
and was SO excited when I heard about GoNoodle! 

Have you heard of GoNoodle?? 
 Here's our GoNoodle champ growing stronger as he brain breaks!

GoNoodle offers FREE Brain Break resources for teachers all over the world!

I can tell you from using it, GoNoodle is super easy to use and tons of fun for the littles!

My kiddos love it!

You get 3 types of brain breaks: Calm, Focus, and Energize!

I want to share a few of our favorites!

1) FREEZE IT!-This fun game allows kids to dance, dance, dance, then solve a math problem or tell time. Once solved, they dance again!


 Free Dance

2) Boogie Down-You learn a new dance move with each of these fun breaks! So great when you need a quick break! Always fun to see the kids' moves, too!

3) Bodyspell-In this brain break, students practice spelling words by using their bodies to form letters. Love that! There are a ton of spelling lists to choose from covering specific phonics skills -or- you can create your own list! 



Well, most of us are on task...

We also love Wiggle it, Dinosaur Stomp, and Cupid Shuffle!
We end each brain break with a song! The hands-down favorites are:
For the boys: Happy!

And the Girls: Let it Go! What else??
 Love watching these little ones sing this song! 

Give GoNoodle a try!
And check out these blog posts from my friends at The Primary Chalkboard who also LOVE to brain break with GoNoodle!
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Sight word fluency activities
 Rockin' our fluency bracelets!
What fun ways do you reinforce sight word fluency?

You can find our bracelets right here!

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!


If you ever watched 30 Minute Meals with Rachael Ray,
you know she always had a trusty garbage bowl
 on the counter to throw away the trash.

Well, Rachael's kitchen garbage bowl inspired my classroom trash buckets.

I keep a stack of trash buckets on the shelf,
and whenever we work on an activity that requires cutting,

we break out the trash buckets. It's that simple.

The kiddos know where they are,

 and the table helpers for that particular week grab the bowls.

I love an easy solution!

Now, you don't have to buy an official garbage bowl.
You can buy a popcorn bowl from DOLLAR TREE like I did.
Much cheaper and very colorful!
My garbage bowl rules: NO food and NOTHING sticky.
Just paper. That's it!
Take a look at the little bit of floor you can see.
 No Paper! Hallelujah!!

One more thing: Having garbage bowls around comes in handy
when you need one for a science experiment! 
Love, love, love these garbage bowls!

Give them a try! I think you'll love them, too!


Another quick math practice post today. 

Regrouping is more fun when you write on the tables!
AND-base ten blocks allow the kiddos to actually see the regrouping happen.
Notice our rule of hands in your lap unless it's your turn! Sanity! 
Do you ever write on your desks/tables?
Shaving cream or sanitizing wipes take the dry erase marker right off the tables!

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!