SOUND BOXES IN ACTION | Peace, Love, and First Grade


Classroom routines are settling a bit,
students are getting into the groove of things,
and we are really starting to dig deeper into our curriculum!  

I use Sound Boxes daily with my students. Sound Boxes help your students build phonological awareness as they blend and segment individual sounds (phonemes), sequence letters in words, match letter sounds to letter symbols, and more! Sound Boxes are perfect for small groups and RTI. Each box represents one phoneme or sound. 

I prefer to introduce sound boxes in small groups.

Here's the process I use:
1) Explain to students you are going to show them a neat way to stretch words. Then display a sample sound box.
2) Discuss how CVC words have 3 sounds or phonemes and display an example picture.
(I use the word "cat.") 

3) Ask students to listen as you say the word “cat.” Have students slowly repeat the word.
4) Place counters or pennies above each sound box. Model how you can use sound boxes to help you write the word “cat.” As you slowly say the word, push a counter into the appropriate box for each sound. Make sure to emphasize the left to right direction. 
5) Then show students how you can “push” an object into each box to help you hear and sequence individual sounds. Students can then write the sounds they hear in each box or place a manipulative letter in each box. 

Here's a look at my kiddos working with sound boxes!

A few pics of my kiddos using the boxes this week.

We use the color boxes, but they also come in black and white.
Sorry about all the shadows...the table really is clean...

The kiddos wanted to "pose" their cards for this one! Ha! 

I have three Sound Box packs that cover short and long vowels!

This shows what you'll see in the pack for EACH vowel.

Happy Day, Friends!!