Let's Party!

Have you seen the fun linky parties going on right now??
I'm joining three this week!

The first one is from Bonnie at Living a Wonderful Life.
She is having an Obsession Party!
Ooh-we all have those...

I have quite a few obsessions. 

1-Sweet Tea-Oh, how I love Sweet Tea!
I know it may be hard to understand for those of you who didn't
grow up in The South, but you either love it or you don't.
I love it! No lemon, please.
McAlister's has Free Tea Day in July!!

2-Clip Art-Oh, my goodness!
Who knew I would love this stuff the way I do?
And when did I become obsessed with digital paper?? Really??
Love it! This could truly be its own separate Linky 
Some summer KPM Doodles for ya!

3-Baskets and Bins-It's almost a joke, the way I feel about baskets and bins.
I have a lot! And I just keep buying! It's cheap AND cute!
And it's functional! How can you go wrong?
This week I  found the perfect bin for my class clipboards.
I WAS NOT shopping for bins. See, problem.
This is almost the tub I bought for clipboards. Mine came from Michael's.

4-Blue and Green-I love this color combination!
I've been stocking up on all things green and blue for my classroom next year.
There is A LOT out there, by the way!
These are from Michael's! Yes, I bought!

5-Creating Activities for my Students-I admit it! I'm hooked! That's it! Hooked!


What are you waiting for? Link up with Bonnie!
I'll be back for more parties later this week!


Do you remember Bob? From this post? Our runaway caterpillar?
 "He" made his chrysalis on our classroom ceiling. Remember?
  Well, I never updated you on Bob or any of Bob's friends.
Here's Bob hanging from the ceiling.

Here's the "used" butterfly pavilion we tacked to the ceiling
 so Bob wouldn't fall to "his" death.
Sorry about the stain from the previous tenants.
Bob is in there, though.

This is not Bob.
This is one of Bob's friends bothering the chrysalis next door.

This is when we took our butterflies outside to set them free.
 Take a look at the sweetie in the jeans and pink cowboy boots. She loved this!

Here is a close-up of our butterfly friends. Beautiful!

Our sweet pink cowboy boots friend is talking to them through the side.
SO precious! I will miss that girl so!!

 And here is the star-"Bob" who turned out to be a "Molly."

Did you know male Monarch butterflies have black spots on the inside of their wings? These dots send out the pheromones to attract mates.
Bob did not have spots! She was actually called Molly, Skylar Laine, Marley, Shirley, and from one "hip" kiddo-Bob Marley! 

And if you can see this little speck in the air-
that's Bob-Marley flying to freedom!

Happy Memorial Day!


We spent the last week diving into Summer-themed Math!
The kiddos had a great time reviewing 10 Common Core Standards. Here's a peek!

CCSS 1.OA.8 Missing Number Bounce House-Missing Addends and Subtrahends

CCSS 1.OA.3 Clam Dig-3-Addend Addition

CCSS 1.MD.3 Sunshine Time-Time to hour and half-hour
(and yes, we are cleaning out...)

MD.2 Surf's Up Measurement- Measuring inches

CCSS 1.NBT.4 Boat Race-2-Digit Addition without regrouping

CCSS 1.G.3 Beach Ball Fractions-Identifying Fractional parts

CCSS 2.MD.8 Souvenir Shopping-Counting coins

and more...

CCSS 1.NBT. 1 Flip Flop Skip Counting-2s to 120 (4s to 120 and Top-It)
CCSS 1.NBT.3 Sand Pail Compare and Sort-Greater Than/Less Than and Odd and Even Sort
CCSS 1.NBT.2 3-Way Sandcastle Memory-Place Value-hundreds, tens, ones
CCSS 1.NBT.1 Shark Crunch-Number grid to 120

I may be a little nuts getting this in the VERY last week!

These activities are from my Here Comes Summer pack.

Happy Summer to you!!!

Summer Bucket List

Hadar, Teri, and April are hosting a Summer Bucket List Linky! What fun!
My summer officially begins May 24! This year FLEW!

Here are some things on my Bucket List:
1) Finish this...

I was so inspired by this...
Other things just got in the way of completing the task!This is from Create, Teach, Share. Click the pic to take you there!

2) Change my classroom color scheme to this...
I want lime green, aqua, and bright blue! Love that combo!
This pic is from Glitzy in First. Click the pic to visit.

3) Put down this...
with this on top...
maybe not this exact one, but a rug, regardless!

4) Spend time doing this...

Last year, I spent two weeks redecorating a dorm at MS School for the Deaf.
Here are a few pics:





I'll spend two more weeks there this July.
SO MUCH FUN and a very fulfilling way to spend some summer time!

5) And Finally, spend some time here...

Love, Love, Love Seaside, Florida!!!

I also want to read lots of great books and spend as much time as possible with family and friends!! Exactly how long is summer???

Happy Weekend to you and Happy Mother's Day to all!!
If you teach, you've been a Mother to someone!!

Jack and the Beanstalk and Friends

First things first-Today is my Father's 75th birthday!
Happy Birthday, Daddy!
I called him this morning from school, turned on speaker phone,
 and gave him a 21 first grader serenade of "Happy Birthday to You."
 I think it made his day! They were truly making a joyful noise!! : )

Jack, the Beanstalk, and Plants
One of my favorite books to read during our Plant unit is Jack and the Beanstalk. My kiddos are having a blast with our Jack unit.
Here are some samples-

The students completed this fun and easy craftivity,
 then had a choice of writing prompts. Here are their finished products.
 One of the boys gave him ruffled socks. So funny!

 This kiddo chose the prompt, "Would you climb the beanstalk?"
Her response-"I would not climb the beanstalk
 because I do not want to get in trouble by my mom."
 Love that!!

This sweet one chose the prompt, "What would you trade for magic beans?"
His response-"I would trade my dog
 because she poops everywhere she goes."
 Well, I did ask!!

Completing the Sentence Scramble

Labeling the Beanstalk

We also completed our Plant Vocabulary Booklets.

"Leaves have veins like people but they don't have blood."
Love that first grade spelling!

"A garden is like a store that only sells vegetables."
 Too cute!

You can find all my Vocabulary booklets and
 my Jack packet for $5.00 on TpT!

 Click the cover!

The weekend starts tomorrow!! 
Happy Friday!!

May 8th?? Seriously??

Can you believe this is May 8th?
Can you believe this is the LAST day of the Teacher Appreciation Sale???
I can't seem to stop adding to my cart!!

Thanks so much for stopping by during the Jackpot Blog Hop!
I appreciate all the sweet comments and feedback on my product.
I hope you can use my freebie!
 Wasn't that Blog Hop fun??
 I found some great stuff! 

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TAD12 when you check out!

I printed and laminated my new Word Wall cards!
Ready for the wall in August! YAY!!!


Does this not scream"We are ready for SUMMER!!??"

Happy Week!!