CONTRACTIONS MADE EASY! | Peace, Love, and First Grade


Today I'm sharing a quick and easy idea-
how I make contractions easier for my kiddos. 

I would use this strategy with any child learning contractions OR
children and adults who struggle with contractions.

It's quick, I tell you! 

And they remember it!

Like most teachers, when I teach contractions, I teach one "set" at a time. 
I find "is' and "not" to be the easiest for my students.  
Some find "will" very easy, too.

So, here's how we do it!
TIP-I demonstrate the 4 steps with magnetic letters first and continue to use magnetic letters with those students who need the extra scaffolding.

1-We write the two words that make up the contraction.
2-We cross out the letter that is replaced by the apostrophe.
3-We replace that letter with the apostrophe.
4-We move the two parts together to make the new word.
IMPORTANT-Teach your young friends to explain how they made their contractions, too. 

Here's a quick clip of one of my sweeties explaining her contraction.  
Love first grade vocabulary!
Precious and Powerful! 

That's it, y'all! Super easy and effective.

Want to practice contractions in a fun way? My kiddos love word games! I Have Who Has is a favorite! Find it here!