August 2013 | Peace, Love, and First Grade


Let’s be honest! Colorful newsletters are adorable!
I love color, but how many parents hold on to newsletters every week?

 I decided to save my ink for things I would use from year to year!
I got busy and created some newsletters to make my weekly task quick AND easy on the ink.
Here's my final product!

I wanted each newsletter in the same format so I could copy and paste from week to week!
Quick and Easy! I love Krista Wallden's graphics and used them on each page.

Well, here they are to share with you! And yes, they are EDITABLE-just type in the text boxes provided!

There are over 50 themes when the pack is finished, but I wanted to get these uploaded as soon as possible for BTS!  There are still some themes to be added, and I will continue to add to this set throughout the year!


Choose to use one page or two-page newsletters!

This set has truly saved me SO much ink!

Have a wonderful week, teacher friends!!


Meet the Teacher: What You Need to Know!

Setting up Meet the Teacher Night

Back to School can take a lot out of you! 
As my friend, Nancy would say, "I'm smooth spent!" 
Meet the Teacher was yesterday, and it runs a lot more smoothly since we started using templates and stations! Read more about how stations are used in this Meet the Teacher post

Are you back? Are you prepping to go back? OR are you still enjoying summer?

Meet the Teacher or Open House can be chaotic but they don't have to be! Setting up parent stations with the directions and the appropriate forms can make Back to School run much more smoothly. Take a look at what parents saw when they entered the classroom for Meet the Teacher.

We had two tables set up with Stations 1-8.

Back to school night, Open House, Meet the Teacher easy organization - forms, signs, and editable templates

Meet the Teacher Stations 

Step 1-Sign-in
This gives you a record of who attended.

Step 2-Place name labels on your child's supplies
It's much easier to place labels on school supply bags and deal with the actual supplies at a later time when you have the room to yourself and can organize better. 

Step 3-Correct form of transportation-car, bus, daycare
This is one of the most important pieces of information you need for the first day. You must know how to get those babies home!! Make sure you speak to the parents about transportation to check for circumstances that require different forms of transportation. 

Step 4-Correct lunch form-box or tray
How will those babies eat the first day of school? You can prevent undue first-day stress if you get this information upfront from the parents. Will the child bring a lunch box every day or only on Fridays? These are things you need to know.

Editable templates make Back to School easy and efficient. Check out these Meet the Teacher ideas.
 Step 5-Sign up for Friday Treats
We have Friday Treats in our classroom. Each parent chooses a Friday to send those treats. This is the sign-up form. You can edit this form for other purposes. 

Step 6-Parent Volunteer Forms
Which parents want to help plan parties, etc, and which parents prefer to send items, etc. This is where that information is collected.

Step 7-Emergency Form
If your school is like my school, the office has an emergency form for parents. This particular form is for me. Just a small card with phone numbers (Who do we call first?), allergies, and other must-have info.

Step 8-Information Folder for Home, First Day Name Tag, and Thank You!
I provide parents with a First Grade information packet for them to keep at home. Meet the Teacher Newsletter, Class schedule, etc. I also include a name tag for the students to wear the first day, and a Thank You note for attending.

Meet the Teacher Wishlist ideas
 Our Cupcake Stand Wish List! 
So, I almost forgot the "Wish List" title for cupcake stands. This list includes items not found on BTS lists. Parents grab a card or two then send those items to school with their children. 

My Meet the Teacher templates and ideas are available in 38 different themes on TpT. 

 Meet the teacher editable templates and  ideas for a successful Open House or Back to School night.

I also uploaded a fun and easy to use FREEBIE to FB today. Find it here!

I hope these ideas and templates make your Meet the Teacher or Open House easy and fun! 

Happy Back to School, friends!