INK FRIENDLY NEWSLETTERS | Peace, Love, and First Grade


Let’s be honest! Colorful newsletters are adorable!
I love color, but how many parents hold on to newsletters every week?

 I decided to save my ink for things I would use from year to year!
I got busy and created some newsletters to make my weekly task quick AND easy on the ink.
Here's my final product!

I wanted each newsletter in the same format so I could copy and paste from week to week!
Quick and Easy! I love Krista Wallden's graphics and used them on each page.

Well, here they are to share with you! And yes, they are EDITABLE-just type in the text boxes provided!

There are over 50 themes when the pack is finished, but I wanted to get these uploaded as soon as possible for BTS!  There are still some themes to be added, and I will continue to add to this set throughout the year!


Choose to use one page or two-page newsletters!

This set has truly saved me SO much ink!

Have a wonderful week, teacher friends!!