Magical Product Swap-Spring Style!

Hi, friends! It's time for the Magical Product Swap,
brought to you by precious Jessica at Mrs. Stanford's Class. 

This past week, we dug deeply into Homophones, thanks to my friend, Kacey at Doodlebugs!
 You know Doodlebugs, right?? Kacey's stuff is quality stuff, y'all!
Even before we "met" and even before I found out she was a Mississippi girl, I was a fan! 

I can tell you, my kiddos KNOW homophones, now!
They've been completely fascinated by them!
Check out what's included in this pack and what we've done this week!

The first activity we completed was a Homophone match.
I used this as a game, and we HAD to play several times each day.

 We stood in a large circle. Then I distributed one card to each child. Once everyone had a card, the kiddos walked around the room in silence (Ha!) until they found their homophone partner. They loved this "game." This match was in a center each day, too.

We completed the next activity whole group before I placed it in a center.
Each child was given a sentence. Some homophones were used correctly in the sentences.
Some were not. Each kidlet read his/her sentence then placed it under "Yes" or "No"
to show whether the word was used corrrectly.
 I apologize for the blurry spots on these pics.
I had a smudge on the lens.

 We also used this fun little activity in a center.
Kiddos read sentences and chose the correct homophones to complete their sentences.
Then the kiddos completed their recording sheets.

 This pack also includes several other printables to reinforce the use of homophones.
My students completed these independently, and I used them as assessments.

I have to tell you, I loved this mini-unit!
It's perfect for a week of quality Homophone instruction!

Thanks so much, Kacey, for allowing me to give it a go!
Click on the cover above to try it for yourself, friends!

Click Jessica's button to see all the products "swapped" this week!
Happy, Happy Weekend!


I wrote this post when I Guest Blogged for Alisha at The Bubbly Blonde. I've had a few questions about how I use my coupons, so I thought I would re-post the info here. 

If you have been teaching a few years, you've probably asked yourself what the best behavior management plan is for you. Over the last 22 years, I've seen a lot of things come and go. I guess if there were a magic wand, we would all wave it and have no need for this conversation! Well, after a lot of trial and error, I'd like to share with you what works for me. 

About 10 years ago, I was using the Stop Light clip chart where students started the day on green and then moved down if behavior declined. Although I liked the general idea, I disliked the negative aspect of it. If it's 8:30 am, and you are on yellow, what are the chances for a stellar day??? 

Well, one day, my friend saw a similar clip chart online, and we thought, "Wow! Maybe this is what we've been missing!" We implemented it right away and loved it! 

I'm sure most of you are now familiar with the rainbow ladder, but if you aren't, here's a pic. 
Each student begins the day on green and moves up or down depending on his/her behavior. On yellow at 8:30? Better get moving on up!!

I loved the positive spin! I mean, seriously! Think about it! My days are not always filled with green. If yellow (or Heaven forbid, orange) creeps in, I want the chance to change my behavior and turn my day around! Don't you?

So, the plan was in place. I just needed some sort of incentive to inspire that "green or above behavior." Enter, Class Store. I decided to distribute tickets to those students who ended their days on green or above. On Fridays, students used their tickets to shop in our class store. Simple enough, and it worked. But...during those less than great parental involvement years, it was expensive. What to do now? 
Ticket distribution:
Green: 1 ticket
Blue: 2 tickets
Purple: 3 tickets
Pink: 4 tickets

I had a list in my file of free ways to reward kids, so I thought, why not turn those items into coupons and allow the students to spend their tickets that way. That's what I did, and the kiddos LOVED it. They still love it! I love it! My pocketbook loves it! There's love all around!
Do you have to use tickets? NO! I've used pennies, and that works great, also. They can exchange them for nickels, etc.
About a year ago, I compiled all my coupons. They've grown from about 10 to 50. I'm sure the number will continue to grow! I've recently updated them to include full page coupons to use in a catalog binder, as well as the original individual coupons.
  These precious papers are from my hostess, Alisha!

 You have 3 printing options!
1) 1 Large coupon per page for a Catalog Binder

2) 6 Different coupons per page

3) 6 copies of the same coupon per page

These coupons make my life so much easier.

I introduce the Class Store system at the beginning of the year.
DO NOT, however, introduce all the coupons at one time. I find it is more fun and fresh to introduce new coupons each week. And, really, the kiddos are not ready for all the coupons right off the bat.

I have to tell you, this is the only behavior plan I've truly enjoyed!  If you are looking for something new, you may want to give it a try! Whatever your behavior plan, make sure it works for you and makes your life easier! 

 My coupons are available on TpT .

Have a beautiful day!

Love a Good Teacher Discount!

100 Stores that Offer Teacher Discounts! 
I saw this list and thought you may find it
interesting, as well.
It's pretty self-explanatory.
I've never checked my Dollar Tree for a discount. Hmm...
I've also never known there was a Lakeshore discount.
15% pays the shipping!
Party City? Really??

Apple? Lowes and Home Depot?? Had no idea!
GRACELAND for free?? Elvis would be proud!

Click the pic below! 
This is definitely worth checking out!
Although most of the businesses listed require a teacher ID,
several businesses you see on the list make reference to the
International Teacher Identity Card.
ere's where you can get one. It does cost $25 a year,
but could be worth it depending on how you plan to use it.
Hope you find one of your favorites on the list!
Happy Weekend!

Five for Friday!

I'm joining Kacey again for Five for Friday!
I'm also linking up with Amanda for a Friday Flashback!

Here are a few pics of our week!


Happy Weekend, friends!!

Learning Prefixes with Reading Olympians!

Hi, friends!
The azaleas are blooming in The South! These are in my front yard!

This past week, I had the opportunity to use First Grade Roots from The Reading Olympians Program. This program was developed by Teachers Krista Miller and Julie Kiss who wanted their students to truly understand the roots of the English language. Let me tell you, The kids and I loved it! It's easy to use and very effective!

 Here's what we did:
First, I introduced the program with a Powerpoint presentation.

 Just FYI: The first reaction to this slide was, "Look! It's Jesus!"
The second was, "He's walking on the water!" 

I love First Grade!

After the inevitable questions of why Jesus was in his underwear and had his crown on a stick, we had a great discussion about how prefixes change the meaning of words. I used the program to introduce the prefix un-.  The kiddos had a great time thinking of all the words they could change using the prefix un-.

The kiddos then put together their prefix puzzles.

 Afterward, we worked on a page in our Prefix booklet.
We'll add a page with each prefix we cover.

I have to tell you, I really believe this program helps children understand how words work. My students truly know un- means not. 

If we could teach young children basic prefixes and suffixes in Kindergarten and First Grade, think of how much easier this concept would be in the upper grades! I'm already making plans to include First Grade Roots in my lesson plans next year. 

If you haven't had the opportunity to take a look at this program, click the button and you can see for yourself. 

Check out the Pass the Torch linky, complete with prizes, at Michelle's blog!
Thanks to Michelle at The 3am Teacher for putting this linky together!! 

Happy Sunday!