May 2014 | Peace, Love, and First Grade


If you teach lower elementary, chances are you have puzzles in your classroom. 

And...if you have puzzles in your classroom,
you've probably dealt with lost puzzle pieces
or unsuccessfully tried to repair broken boxes.
How DO they get that way???

I feel your pain!

I want to share with you how I FINALLY organized my puzzles.

Super Easy Puzzle Organization Steps

1) Have your students put the puzzles together and check for lost pieces.

2) Once the puzzles are put together, assign each puzzle a number.
Have the students write that number on the backs of all the puzzle pieces

Whenever we find a lost puzzle piece, we know right where it goes!

3) Throw out all the sad looking boxes (perfect way to lose pieces)
and replace them with plastic containers.
Move the pieces to your new puzzle containers.

It even looks cleaner!

4) Cut out the front covers and place in the plastic containers with the puzzles.
Then place the tops on the containers.
 Somehow my camera took a pic of the solar system puzzle instead of the bugs puzzle. Mind of its own...

5) Number the containers to match the puzzle inside, then put those babies on the shelf!
FYI: This year, I plan to put the number AND name of the puzzle on the outside!
Now the puzzles are ready for the kiddos to use!
That's it, friends! Super Easy!
This system has been a life saver in my classroom! 
Give it a try! You'll love it, too!

Booking Across the USA: Down South in Mississippi!

Have you met Charlie? He's traveled to every state in the USA!
I'm so happy I got to spend some time with him in Mississippi!

Can you tell I'm just a little excited to take part in the Booking Across America linky? Well, I am!

Jodie from Growing Book by Book did a terrific job putting this huge project together, and Blue Apple Books provided the adorable books about Charlie!
Thanks so much, Jodie and Blue Apple! 

Now, let's talk about Charlie! Charlie is this sweet little pup who has a thing for traveling!
He visits every state in the USA through Miles Backer's Travels with Charlie series.

I was given the opportunity to read and share Down South,
a super fun and informative book about the Southern states.

My kiddos and I read about all the southern states
but focused our attention on our home state. 

Then we created our own magnolias-our state flower!

I am a native Mississippian and love the diversity and personality of my state!
Oh, could I write some posts on the way I feel about this place!!
My home state is filled with soul!
Here's my Pinterest board for more on Mississippi! 

Did you know?
The Mississippi Children's Museum has the only licensed life size Scrabble board.
We had a great time building words on our field trip in April.

Root beer was invented in Biloxi. 
Pine Sol and Dr. Tichenors also come from MS. 

Belzoni is the Catfish Capitol of the World. (Hello, Doodlebugs!) 

And, He is one of us...

I don't know about you, but I'm thinking a root beer, some catfish,
and a little Elvis sound pretty good right about now!

If you want to join me, come on Down South!
You could join Charlie on his travels through all the 50 states! 
Check out the linky below!
Want to win a set of all 4 Travels with Charlie books?
You can! Enter to win right here!