First Grade Common Core

Is your state implementing Common Core State Standards this year??
Have you seen this?

The First Grade Common Core Workbook! 
This book is the largest collection of resources for implementing CCSS in First Grade!!

It includes over 550 pages of hands-on center activities, posters,
and activity sheets that support CCSS in First Grade! Wow!

Hey, Kindergarten teachers! There is a book for your grade level, too!!

 How do you get yours?? Go here-First Grade Common Core

You can download a sample copy to see for yourself how fantastic this resource is!
Then you can purchase workbook downloads individually
or get a huge discount for multiple downloads!
They accept purchase orders!!

While you are there, you can pick up a set of free First Grade Common Core posters!!
What are you waiting for?

Autumn, Widgets, and Splat the Cat

Love for Autumn
Happy Fall, Friends! I wish we used the word autumn more??
Autumn just sounds prettier.
 Do any of you say autumn instead of fall??
Regardless of how you say it, it's my favorite season!
Leaves changing color, cool breezes, football, sweaters, and boots: I love it all!!
 My front door last Halloween!

 A high school football player talking to one of my babies at a pep rally last year!
How sweet is that?

Love for Widgets
How cute is this thing at the top of my right sidebar??
Do you see it? It's called a widget.
My first graders would call that a funny word.
It does kind of make me smile. Widget.
Well, that smart guy, Paul, at TpT, came up with this particular widget.
It shows you the last 25 items I've posted at TpT.
Click the arrows to go back and forth.
If you want to see all my goodies, click "See all." 
It's not just for me, though.
All TpT sellers can have their own widgets (if they want).
I'm thinking this widget is pretty cool.

You can find these two items while scrolling through my widget. : )

This pack includes holidays that occur during the fall semester.
 I realize Christmas is not technically considered "Fall."

 Love for Splat the Cat
If your first graders are anything like mine, they LOVE Splat the Cat!
Who am I kidding? I love Splat, and I'm not a cat person.
Honestly, though, how can you NOT like Splat??

If you aren't a Splat fan now, maybe this post will change your mind!
You all know the "I Can Read" books, right?
Well, Splat has his own series of "I Can Read" books.
Here are a few I have in my classroom.

These books are actually fun little stories.
 The best part, besides being Splat, is the inside cover.
Each book focuses on a different word chunk! How cool is that?

Now, after my kiddos read the books,
they can go back through and highlight the word family words they find.

How much fun is that??
We love some highlighter tape AND we love some Splat!!

 Happy Fall, Y'all!
I hope your first week of autumn is beautiful!!