December 2013 | Peace, Love, and First Grade


Disclaimer: This is a post about strengthening your immune system.
I do not profess to be a medical professional.
I am simply sharing teachers' suggestions for living a healthier lifestyle.

I posted this on The Primary Chalkboard
but thought it might be worth a second post here.
Stay with me, friends. There's a freebie at the end!

Over the last two years, I have had the stomach virus twice,
a few sinus infections, Bronchitis two times, and Walking Pneumonia. 
Remember, I'm not a new teacher, either...
Frankly, I'm sick of being sick!
Obviously, my Immune System is shot! 
Well, let me tell you something, I want this year to be different,
and I know it's up to me to boost my system!

SO...I asked some of my blogging pals and teacher friends
what they did to stay healthy in the classroom.
I've compiled their answers right here.
One list is for things you can do at home
and another for things you can do at school.
Hopefully, if you are in the same boat I'm in,
we can toughen up before that boat sinks!

What You Can Do at Home
Let's be honest, we all know we shouldn't smoke.
We should eat our fruits and veggies,
and we should limit alcohol intake, right?

But what else can we do?

1-Take your vitamins
2-Take probiotics
3-Vitamin C every day
4-Get plenty of rest and sleep

5-Drink tons of water
Drink green tea daily, cranberry juice, or vitamin water
7-Eat a clean diet (so hard to do)
8-Exercise regularly (even harder to do)
9-Get about 20 minutes of  fresh air and sunshine daily. You need the Vitamin C.
10-Use saline solution or a saline rinse before you leave your house and before bed.
My doctor recommended Simply Saline.

11-Throw away your tooth brush after you are sick.
Do this with your family members' brushes, too.

12-Change your pillow case every single day when you are sick.
13-When you feel yourself getting sick, take something like Emergen-C or Colloidal Silver.
14-Take Airborne before school. 
15-Take a steam shower at least twice a week. All those flu germs can't survive in really high temps.
16-Cut out the stress from your life. Okay...we teach. At least find the time to relax!

17-Don't always bundle up inside. Bare skin in the elements helps build your immune system.

18-Make time for yourself. Once a week, find time to do something you enjoy.
19-Get organized. If you aren't already. This helps alleviate stress.
20-Learn to say, "No." You don't have to do it all. You don't.
21-Several teachers swear by "juicing," too. Link below.

And this fun one from my friend Stephanie:

22-Make the hubs/spouse sleep in the guest room when he/she is sick. Ha! 

Things You Can do in the Classroom
1-This one is a pet peeve with me.
Teach your students to cough and sneeze into their sleeves, NOT THEIR HANDS.
Makes me cringe when I see teachers coughing into their hands.

2-Don't touch your face and (try to) teach children not to touch their faces.
3-Use hand sanitizer before touching your skin ALL DAY LONG.
4-Use a cup with a lid. Keep it away from kiddos.
5-Use your own pencils, markers, etc. Try not to touch kid pencils, etc. or sanitize right after using.

6-Use your own tissue box, separate from the kiddos.
7-Use anti-bacterial wipes on all surfaces touched by kiddos or spray with Lysol. (keyboards, door handles, light switches).
8-Have students blow their noses by the door. Have them put their tissues in a trash can by the door, then use hand sanitizer.
9-Have students get hand sanitizer before guided reading, reading books in the class library, or using math manipulatives.
10-Wear a small apron filled with YOUR supplies. Don't share those supplies with the kiddos. Here are some super cute ones from my friend Hadar (and her Mom).

I set up a "Get Well Station" in my classroom.
I keep tissues, hand sanitizer, and a trash bin next to the door.
Students blow their noses, drop tissues in the trash,
get some hand sanitizer, THEN walk to the sink to wash their hands.
Is it overkill?? Maybe, but we need to stay well!

I hope you've found something here to help you stay well this year!
 If you have anything to add, I'd love to hear it and will add it above.
 Thanks so much for stopping by!

Here's a little freebie for you if you decide to set up a "Get Well" Station.
Click the pic to download.

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