Kids are Funny

If you need a reason to smile, visit a first grade classroom.
These little joys are just plain funny!
Check out some examples:

We found these two "reading" after their friends 
had gone to music. Made us smile!

This is what one of our computer screens looked like the day before it completely died. Did the kids mind? Nope, they thought the blue screen was cool! Kept right on working and laughed as they worked!

"Will you take my picture while I hold the caterpillars and this elephant book?"
Who can say "no" to that??

We read wherever we can get comfy!

These girls talked on their "cell phones" while they worked on their "laptops" during a rainy day recess.

When it's cold and rainy outside, a book and a raincoat 
can keep you warm.

Sometimes it's just fun to do your work in your
Mardi Gras mask.

We interrupt this guided reading lesson for a case of
"the giggles."

Someone else this bunch thinks is funny is BabyMouse! We met BabyMouse a couple of months ago, and cannot keep her books on the shelf! These kids are truly fascinated with her!! Sometimes they even laugh out loud! Here are some examples:

These two are concentrating on Babymouse, Rock Star and
Babymouse, Puppy Love!

No, Mom, he is not sleeping. He is loving Babymouse, CampMouse!

This princess is reading Babymouse, Queen of the World.

The biggest tasks First Grade teachers have are creating independent readers and instilling a love of reading in those readers. It makes me smile to see these babies so engaged in reading!