I realize tomorrow is Thanksgiving,
but I have truly lacked in the sharing photos department.
So...for your viewing pleasure...our Science filled Halloween party!
These kiddos had so much fun!

We made Witches' Brew!

We made goopy slime!

And we did a little mummy wrapping.
Okay, not really Science related, but fun!
This guy is slowly turning into a snowman.
We do what we can, you know!
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Teachers for Teresa

 One of our sweet TpT friends is in need of our help!
Teresa Williams, one of the most supportive teachers on TpT,
was hospitalized this past week with complications from pulmonary hypertension. 
Please help us as we lift Teresa and her family in prayer.
To read her story and see how you can help financially,
click Cynthia's 2nd Grade Pad blog button.
If you would like to leave well wishes for Teresa, click her button below.
Her family is reading the comments left on her blog.

Thanksgiving Gets Cute!

When I create a packet, the most important thing to me is meeting CCSS!
But...I am also a sucker for CUTE!
And let's be honest, CCSS and CUTE are a super combination!
My kiddos practice standards and enjoy the graphics at the same time! Win-Win!

 Well, this year I had so much fun searching for Thanksgiving clipart!
For some reason, Thanksgiving gets the shaft when it comes to cuteness!
Well, not this time! Thanksgiving just got cute!
Take a look at this adorable stuff! 

I could not resist these festive owls and kittens from Peach Popsicles!
They make me smile!
I knew my kiddos would love these animal friends in their Math Tubs.
Common Core, of course!
Click the cover to go to my TpT store!

Kirsten at KPM Doodles already had some precious art!
I put hers to use in my GOBBLE Sight word game!
My kiddos loved playing BOO, so I knew they would eat this one up, too!
Here it is:

For those who prefer black and white, She's got you covered, also!

If the clipart bug has bitten you and you need a Thanksgiving fix,
check out these cute sets I found after I completed my packs...
Click on the pics to see for yourself!

From Ashley at The School Supply Addict

From Krista at Creative Clips

 From Nikki at Melonheadz

From  Jessica at JW Illustrations

How cute are they??? Hmmm...I guess there's always next year! 

Check out my facebook page to see some useful products I found this week on TpT!
Happy Sunday, friends!