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Comfy and Cute Shoe Search-The List

Hi, friends!
Many of you commented here and on FB about your favorite comfy/cute shoes. 
Many of you are on the search with me! 

 Looking for a casual slip-on?

How about a lace-up?

Are you a boot lover?

 Can't part with your wedges?

Why is it so difficult to find a cute shoe that is comfortable enough to teach in
and doesn't cause leg/foot pain at the end of the day??
Seriously, someone could make a mint if they listened and created.

I've been introduced to several new-to-me brands on this search, so...
I thought it might be a good idea to compile a list of Teacher Recommended Shoes complete with links.

A few observations
1) There is a market for cute and comfortable shoes for teachers.
2) You need to be willing to spend a little $$ for quality shoes.
3) There is no One Great Shoe for all teachers.
4) Some of these companies have brand new looks!
5) Several shoe companies have cute bags, as well! 
6) Shopping for shoes is fun! Okay, we already knew that!

Here you go, my teacher friends! Happy Shopping!
Teacher Recommended Brands 
Click on the brand to shop.
Just FYI: no compensation here!
Tieks (sigh...)
Tennis Shoes

UPDATE: Here's my Pinterest board for more choices!

I will add to this list as brands are shared.
Thanks so much for sharing your favorites!
Have a comfy week!!