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19 Halloween Books for Kids!

Happy Book Talk Tuesday, Friends!
I don't know about your kiddos, but my little friends are fired up about Halloween! They can't get enough of it, and we're only half way through the month! Oh, my!
Since I believe in using that excitement for good, let's take a look at the books!
Here are 20 fun and spooky treats!

The 13 Nights of Halloween by Guy Vasilovich
 "The 12 Days of Christmas" is NOT my favorite Christmas song,
but this Halloween take on the song makes me smile!
Just plain fun!

Arthur's Halloween by Marc Brown
 Arthur makes a visit on all our holidays!
This Arthur story is one of my favorites!
Arthur and his friends are afraid of the "witch" at the end of the street.
Only DW is brave enough to Trick or Treat at her house!
A classic!

At the Old Haunted House by Helen Ketteman
 Patterned after the children's classic poem, "Over in the Meadow,"
this festive book is a fun trip through a Haunted House.
A witch and her wee one welcome you home!

Bone Soup by Cambria Evans
 Finnigin is a hungry skeleton looking for a good meal!
When no one shares, Finnigin comes up with a plan for dinner.
Fans of Stone Soup will love this Halloween treat!

By the Light of the Halloween Moon by Caroline Stutson
 This fun book takes place under a bridge
where all sorts of Halloween creatures live.
Back in print after quite a while!
Click, Clack, Boo by Doreen Kronin
 Poor Farmer Brown!
He can't catch a break on Halloween with those animals of his!
The critters from Click, Clack, Moo are back, and the kiddos will love them!

Dem Bones by Bob Barner
 Who doesn't like dancing skeletons?
You know the song so sing along!
"The neck bone connected to the..."

Franklin's Halloween by Paulette Bourgeois
 Another character who visits each holiday!
Love this sweet Franklin story!
Love the animals preparing for the Halloween party!
Just love!

Halloween Hustle by Charlotte Gunnufson
 Skeleton is off the a Halloween party and he's grooving down the street.
His problem: He loses his bones as he hustles.
Will he make it to the party in one piece?

Halloween Night by Margerie Dennis Murray
 It's Twas the Night Before Christmas, Halloween style!
Such a fun trip through Halloween!
Your kiddos will love it!

The Hallo-weiner by Dav Pilkey
Oscar's sweet mama bought her "Little Vienna Sausage" a Halloween costume.
Now precious Oscar has to be a hot dog for Halloween!
Oscar is my hero! One of my favorites!!

Inside a House that is Haunted by Alyssa Satin Capucilli
 In the style of "The House that Jack Built",
this Haunted House is a rhyming good time!

It's Halloween by Jack Prelutsky

If you love poetry, this is the Halloween book for you!
Prelutsky is such a clever poet and speaks directly to children!
He has gems for other holidays, as well.

 Mercy Watson is the first chapter book I read each year,
and the kids are sitting on ready for Mercy's Halloween adventure!
DiCamillo and illustrator Chris Van Dusen invite readers into a colorful neighborhood
with eccentric characters and vivid illustrations. I love this series!!

Monster Mash by David Catrow
 Yes, it is! The song...in book form! Oh, my goodness!
If you are a fan of the song, you'll love this book!
The illustrations complement the text perfectly!
Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson
 A very generous witch offers animals a ride on her broom,
until tragedy strikes and her broomstick breaks! A class favorite!

Scaredy Cat Splat by Rob Scotton
 Oh, I love Splat!
In this one, Splat tries to be scary, but really, he's just scared!
Can he overcome his fear??
Ten Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O'Connell
 Great addition to your Halloween and Math bookshelf.
Count back with these timid ghosts as a witch tries to scare them away from a haunted house! Fun!

 I love that this book is written by Mr. Krieb! Cracks me up!
A group of children are off to find the witch's house, and the lively verse gets readers (and listeners) involved in the story. Great adjectives!

That's it for this week! Hopefully, you found something you love!

All the links here are Amazon affiliate links, but these books are available on other sites, as well.