SCIENCE FRIDAYS! | Peace, Love, and First Grade


We've been loving some Science this year!
I've been so inspired by my sweet friend, Kristen at A Day in First Grade!
You'll want to get to know her if you don't!
She has some amazing Science packs.
Well, we've been diggin' into those packs, and the results have been incredible!
Excuse my hunchback scientist. We do what we can...

 A few weeks ago, we started Science Fridays.
I wanted the kiddos to look forward to Fridays but in an educational sort of way!
Enter, Science Friday!
I'm happy to say it's a hit so far!

Here are pics from two of our Fridays.
You can find both of these activities (and so much more) in Kristen's Science packs.
She also has great blog posts about them here!

Walking Water
So obviously, we started this experiment on a Friday...
When we came back to school Monday, this is what we saw!
The kiddos were amazed! It was pretty neat!

I love how engaged they are in this pic! They were truly this focused the entire lesson!
Look at all that writing!

The Milk Experiment

I love his face on the right! He was really surprised!
They had no idea what was going to happen! Ha!

We've completed the above "experiments" complete with writing activities,
plus two more cooking activities I'll post about next time.
I'm happy to say we are diggin' Science Friday!
Happy Week, friends!