PIZZA MAKING AND APPLE TASTING | Peace, Love, and First Grade


So last time I blogged about Science Friday. You can read about that here.
We're lovin' it, I tell you!

We spent the last two Fridays doing a little cooking. Well, sort of... 
Have you ever made a pizza with canned biscuits? We love them!

Here are the directions according to first graders.
We did an interactive writing first,
then I sent my little chefs to their tables to write their own directions.
This early in the year, we need that modeling first.
I like to think of the interactive writing as practice for the real thing.
I take the class writing down while they work independently.
The word "oven" is under that blonde chef on the class chart. 
We added it back after the pic was taken.
Sorry about that...
 The precious chefs you see here are from my talented friend, Hadar.
You can find her Cooking Up a Great Year craftivity pack here.
I added a pizza page, and we have cute little pizza makers!

After Pizza week came Apple Week!
These pics are from our apple tasting and applesauce making.

We used Kristen's recipe for crockpot applesauce. You can find it here. The kiddos loved it.

So...I have no pics of the final product or the kiddos eating.
Not sure how that happened. Go figure! It was delicious, though!

It's finally starting to feel like Fall here in the South!
It seems to turn cooler each year when the State Fair comes to town. I love it!
Happy Fall, Friends!