TRASH BUCKETS | Peace, Love, and First Grade


If you ever watched 30 Minute Meals with Rachael Ray,
you know she always had a trusty garbage bowl
 on the counter to throw away the trash.

Well, Rachael's kitchen garbage bowl inspired my classroom trash buckets.

I keep a stack of trash buckets on the shelf,
and whenever we work on an activity that requires cutting,

we break out the trash buckets. It's that simple.

The kiddos know where they are,

 and the table helpers for that particular week grab the bowls.

I love an easy solution!

Now, you don't have to buy an official garbage bowl.
You can buy a popcorn bowl from DOLLAR TREE like I did.
Much cheaper and very colorful!
My garbage bowl rules: NO food and NOTHING sticky.
Just paper. That's it!
Take a look at the little bit of floor you can see.
 No Paper! Hallelujah!!

One more thing: Having garbage bowls around comes in handy
when you need one for a science experiment! 
Love, love, love these garbage bowls!

Give them a try! I think you'll love them, too!