Do You GoNoOdle?? | Peace, Love, and First Grade

Do You GoNoOdle??

Brain Breaks are all the rage now! 

Giving kiddos time to rest their noggins and unleash a little energy at the same time! 

You know, those short bursts of physical activity that keep kiddos focused and motivated...and keep us sane??

I love that idea!

I've been using brain breaks for a while now
and was SO excited when I heard about GoNoodle! 

Have you heard of GoNoodle??
 Here's our GoNoodle champ growing stronger as he brain breaks!

GoNoodle offers FREE Brain Break resources for teachers all over the world!

I can tell you from using it, GoNoodle is super easy to use and tons of fun for the littles!

My kiddos love it!

You get 3 types of brain breaks: Calm, Focus, and Energize!

I want to share a few of our favorites!

1) FREEZE IT!-This fun game allows kids to dance, dance, dance, then solve a math problem or tell time. Once solved, they dance again!
 Free Dance

2) Boogie Down-You learn a new dance move with each of these fun breaks! So great when you need a quick break! Always fun to see the kids' moves, too!

3) Bodyspell-In this brain break, students practice spelling words by using their bodies to form letters. Love that! There are a ton of spelling lists to choose from covering specific phonics skills -or- you can create your own list!

Well, most of us are on task...

We also love Wiggle it, Dinosaur Stomp, and Cupid Shuffle!
We end each brain break with a song! The hands-down favorites are:
For the boys: Happy!

And the Girls: Let it Go! What else??
 Love watching these little ones sing this song! 

Give GoNoodle a try!
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