Jack and the Beanstalk and Friends

First things first-Today is my Father's 75th birthday!
Happy Birthday, Daddy!
I called him this morning from school, turned on speaker phone,
 and gave him a 21 first grader serenade of "Happy Birthday to You."
 I think it made his day! They were truly making a joyful noise!! : )

Jack, the Beanstalk, and Plants
One of my favorite books to read during our Plant unit is Jack and the Beanstalk. My kiddos are having a blast with our Jack unit.
Here are some samples-

The students completed this fun and easy craftivity,
 then had a choice of writing prompts. Here are their finished products.
 One of the boys gave him ruffled socks. So funny!

 This kiddo chose the prompt, "Would you climb the beanstalk?"
Her response-"I would not climb the beanstalk
 because I do not want to get in trouble by my mom."
 Love that!!

This sweet one chose the prompt, "What would you trade for magic beans?"
His response-"I would trade my dog
 because she poops everywhere she goes."
 Well, I did ask!!

Completing the Sentence Scramble

Labeling the Beanstalk

We also completed our Plant Vocabulary Booklets.

"Leaves have veins like people but they don't have blood."
Love that first grade spelling!

"A garden is like a store that only sells vegetables."
 Too cute!

You can find all my Vocabulary booklets for FREE
 and my Jack packet for $5.00 on TpT or TN!

 Click here: TpT and TN

American Idol
Has anyone been watching American Idol? I admit I was bummed last week when our hometown girl Skylar went home, but Hollie's last song was very emotional! They are all so talented!
FYI: Skylar sang The National Anthem tonight at our MBraves game (Atlanta's Farm Team). Very cool!

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The weekend starts tomorrow!! 
Happy Friday!!


  1. How cute! Love that craftivity!!!


  2. Cute...Cute ....Cute! I miss my dad! Enjoy every moment you have with yours!
    Owl Things First

  3. I will use this story next year when teaching plants. Great idea!

  4. YAY, my Dad just turned 75 last month; such a special thing you and your class did for him!

    Have a wonderful weekend,