Making a Scrunchy Border

Happy Summer Thursday, Y'all!
It looks like all of us are working hard this summer!

So, our school has air for a few hours twice a week during the summer. 
This gives teachers the opportunity to work in comfort. 

Tuesday, my partner in crime and I went to school to work and found, 

seriously, 9 other teachers working, also. 

We are all so dedicated! 

Actually, we are just not foolish enough to come work when the air is off...

What did I do? 
I changed the paper on this bulletin board
and made a scrunchy border to go around it.
I had already taken the border off the board before the pic.

Several people have asked me about the scrunchy border,
so I thought I'd share.
This is what you will need:

butcher paper, scissors, and a stapler with LOTS of staples

This is what you do-
I'll be using transition words, here! (even in summer)

First, find the color butcher paper you want to use.
The amount you will need will depend on how big the board is.
Next, cut strips from the paper. I make mine about 3-4 inches. 
You do not need to measure here. Just cut.

Then, fold the strips accordian style.

See, mine are not straight.  No need to measure.

After that, scrunch the accordion strips.
Don't be shy here. Scrunch away! 
Looks like a scrunchy mess!

Once the strips are scrunched, unscrunch them,
and you are ready to place the border on the board.
I don't think unscrunch is really a word. 

To attach to the board, simply scrunch and staple, then repeat.
Scrunch and staple until you run out of border.
EASY! Be as creative as you like!

I love the 3D feel it gives the board.
I've also twisted the strips before which is just as easy.

Here's the final product!
I really like the bright border with the black paper!

Have fun scrunching!


  1. Laura,

    This is a great idea! I love the added interest and texture of the borders. I can't wait to try this. We can't go back in our rooms until the custodians are finished doing their cleaning. { I guess that's a good thing.} Yes, we are dedicated. THANK YOU for sharing.

    First Grade Schoolhouse

  2. I love the 3D effect- so cute!! :)

    THanks for sharing!!
    The Learning Tree

  3. I do a version of this with all my bulletin boards!! I love the way it looks and it is way cheaper than buying lots of border :)

  4. I LOVE this idea. Gives the bulletin board some extra flair :) Thanks for sharing.

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  5. I love this but we aren't allowed to have anything sticking from the walls or hanging from the ceiling :(
    No cute 3d bulletin boards or those cute pom poms!

    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  6. That looks so incredibly cute!!!! Like big ruffles all the way around:) I love them:))) You are so lucky to be able to go in throughout the summer:))) Thanks for linking up:) I hope you come back next week and share some more:) Don't forget to grab the button:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  7. Thanks for linking up. What a fun tip. Love the border.

    Miss Nelson's blog

  8. Love this!! I like to take borders and kind of loop them around to make them 3d. This is so much cheaper! haha!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  9. This has such a fun look!!! Thanks for the how-to!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  10. So nice! This would be lovely with my pompoms ;)

    All Students Can SHINE

  11. that is super cute... will be using this next year for sure :) PINNED IT!!!

  12. So clever! And, I love that my kids would love to help me scrunch! Thanks for sharing!
    Teacher Mom of 3

  13. This is great, thanks for sharing.

  14. love it! and let's keep summer ending on the down low....!!! :)
    I adore the black with color pop! :)

  15. Super creative & a beautiful end result- thank you for sharing your idea it's inspirational!

  16. Love this look! Thanks for sharing!

  17. I love this idea!! I pinned it so I remember when I'm able to get into my classroom and start working!!
    First Grade FUNdamentals

  18. Love this so much! We were just debating borders and this is it! Check. Done. Thanks so much for the how to!

    Christy & Tammy

  19. This is such a wonderful idea! I love it and can't wait to do it in my room! Thanks for sharing the great idea!!!

    How Cute Is This!

  20. I love this! I will have to do this when I am getting my room together. Thanks for sharing.

    Fun is Found in Fourth

  21. The scrunhy border is awesome! Will have to add to my list of things to try! You ARE a diamond suit in a deck of cards! :-)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog this weekend. I'm a new follower!

  22. Love the border. My principal has outlawed us over the summer even going so far as to take our keys. This is my first summer at the same school in the same grade same classroom and I can't get in until August. She really wants us all to take a break but I want in!

  23. I'm your newest follower and this is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

    Teachin' First

  24. That looks AWESOME! I am so doing it for my jungle theme!

  25. This is a fabulous idea and money saving tip! Thanks for the information! Stephanie

  26. We don't have that great lime green color as on option for butcher paper. I've resorted to buying wrapping paper and tissue paper to get my lime green and black polka dot theme. Do you think I could get the same scrunch effect using green tissue paper? Might be more expensive unless The Dollar Store has my color.

    1. I think tissue paper would work fine.You may have to be a little more gentle with it, but it would look great! The Dollar Tree has so many colors, surely they'll have lime!! Thank you for stopping by!!

  27. I use tissue paper to do this. It sure takes a LONG time to do this, though. Laura, how long does it take you? I am doing a wall that is 8' x 7' and am halfway through--about 3 hours worth of work {{in no a/c}}


  28. I love this idea and I love your blog :) very cute and the lava lamps really make it ;)

  29. Maybe crepe paper would work. If you send it through your sewing machine, it will scrunch it for you. : ) It wouldn't be as wide though.


  30. Thank you for sharing! I have a classroom with no windows this year ): but your idea will brighten up the room.

  31. Great great great idea and even better that you shared your awesome idea! THANK YOU!! :)

  32. So totally doing this! Love it!

  33. Hey now! That's creative! I will have to try that! Maybe around my door trim...or even my windows! Fluffy windows! haha! Thanks for the fun idea! ;-)

  34. Just did some scrunching today! Pictures on my blog soon! Thanks for the idea!!!

  35. I just did some scrunching today! Thanks for the ideas!!!

  36. Great idea - simple & no cost! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing & walking us through it - especially those like me that are VERY visual! =)

  37. You know why this is awesome? Because we have free colored butcher paper, but have to buy border! Now I can do border for free! Love you <3

  38. Love it!!!!!! I wil be trying this in my room!

    Krazy About Kiddos

  39. Have you thought about stapling the scrunched paper to sentence strips so that you can take it down and reuse, kinda like a reusable border?

  40. Hi Laura,
    Have you thought about stapling the scrunched paper to sentence strips so that you can take it down and reuse, kinda like a reusable border?

  41. This is a great idea! This is a fantastic idea to dress up the border. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Thank you so much for sharing! I finished my board today and I am thrilled with how it came out. I shared a picture on my blog tonight with a link back to your blog. I am a new follower!!


  43. I just spotted this gem on Pinterest... LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Jones’s Kindergarten

    1. I'm so glad you stopped by! This is my favorite border ever! Just adds a little punch to the bb! Would love to see pics if you try it! Happy Sunday!

  44. That's an awesome idea for the border! I'm going to have to try that next year.


  45. I've seen this around on Pinterest, but never a tutorial. Thanks for the step-by-step picture directions! I don't have a place to do it in my room, but I think I'll do it for a hallway display.

    I've got a summer reading linky party on my blog right now. I'd love for you to stop by and link up! :)

    Tales of a Teacherista

  46. That is an amazingly simple border! Thanks for sharing your idea. The green really pops against the black background.

  47. Thanks for the step by step! It really helped me as I did my board today and it turned out great!

  48. nice....clear n simple tutorial

  49. What do you use to hang the butcher paper backdrop on the wall so it will stick the entire school year?

    1. Hi, Selena!
      I stapled the butcher paper! Ask for forgiveness instead of permission. EEEk!
      After three years, it's still up, though!
      Thanks for stopping by!