Read and Write the Room

If you saw my Read and Write The Room post this past spring, you know how important I think it is in the primary classroom.
If you missed it, I'll give you the basics.
1) I use Read the and Write the Room every week to support a specific phonics skill we will work on the following week.

2) I found out years ago that asking a 6 year old to walk around a print-rich classroom and find certain word chunks might not be the best idea! Some got confused. Some were intimidated by all the print. And some just forgot what they were doing. Seriously!

Imagine someone asking you to go to Walmart and write down all the -ay words you saw. Really?? Hmm...Completely overwhelming to children. Well, I came up with my own way.

This is "my way"---I know I didn't invent it. I was thinking Frank Sinatra here.
I place Read and Write the Room word cards around the room after the children go home on Friday. These word cards all contain a phonics skill we will work on the next week.
Then, the next week---

I introduce the skill on Monday, and the students must complete their Read the Room activity sometime that week during Daily 5. On Friday, we take the cards off the wall and come together on the carpet with our clipboards, pencils, and recording sheets. We check this activity together using the SmartBoard.

The kiddos check their work and keep their cards beside them
 until their word comes up on the Smartboard.

Students match cards to the Smartboard words and tell us how they sorted their words.

After matching cards to the Smartboard, students place their word cards in the chair. This way, I don't have to take the words off the wall. Whatever it takes!!
This little girlie is smiling because I asked her to "freeze" while I got the camera.

I say all this to tell you-Hooray!! I finished something!

Short Vowel  CVC Mega Bundle-Read and Write the Room
I've been busy this summer working on my Short Vowel Read and Write the Room sets. I've had several people ask whether I was going to make them, and that answer is "Yes!" A few of the sets have been complete for awhile,
 but I wanted to wait to post them so I could offer a bundled set.

Each packet sells for $2, but the bundle will be $8.
That's 20% off and like buying 4 and getting 1 free.
SO...if you plan to purchase all 5 sets, make sure you take advantage of the bundle. 

I had a lot of fun making these sets!
With the help of the amazing clipart from Kirsten and Nikki, they turned out super cute!!

Each set includes 24 cvc words using 4 short vowel patterns.
Short vowel "e" uses -ell because there are very few short vowel e cvc words.
Here are some sample pages.

3 different  recording sheets are provided to assist you with differentiation
 or other needs you may have in your classroom.

Click here to take you to my shops!

I hope you enjoy these! Please let me know if you have specific Read and Write the Room sets you would like to see!

If you've never tried Read and Write the Room, I encourage you to give it a shot.
It has made my life much easier!

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Happy Sunday!


  1. Thanks for this post. I'm embarrassed to say I've never done read or write the room! But I want to start this year. Your bundle will be a good start. Thanks for putting this together!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  2. Hi Laura,

    I also do read and write around the room, but call it Clipboard Cruising. I'm rethinking how I do it, because I'd love to try these. I'll have to check them out on TPT. I know my kids will get a kick out of the Hippie Kids and (me too)!

    First Grade Schoolhouse

  3. I started using read and write the room last year and my kids LOVED it! I love how you conference with the students each Friday over the words and how they sorted them. I definitely need to try that. I don't have a smart board, but I am sure I could come up with a few other ways to have them bring their cards forward. I'm off to go check these out on TPT as they would go perfectly with our curriculum the first few weeks of school.

  4. I love read/write the room

    I do my write/read the room somewhat like yours

    I don't like having students walking around my room trying to find a a word, doesn't work

    I much rather give them skill like cards and post those around the room and students "work" each card and record the answer

    OH I added these to my wishlist I will be getting them you know "when"!

    Pocket Full of Kinders

    Shuna P

  5. Thanks for sharing! The bundles look awesome. Love your suggestions for read and write the room. I needed something to spice it up.

    Apples and Papers

  6. Love your ideas!

    Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!
    Please join me for my giveaway!

  7. Laura - your read and write the room products are soo adorable!! Good job!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After