Hey, there, Friends!!

My friends and I at The Primary Chalkboard thought we'd take this opportunity to share some of our "can't do without" resources with you!
So... here are a few things I can't teach without!
These Reward Coupons make classroom management so much easier!
I don't know what I did before these Reward Coupons
Wait, yes I do. 
I spent WAY too much money on toys and trinkets! 
Now, my kiddos earn fun rewards, and I SAVE money!
I just updated this pack! It now has 62 coupons!

Forms and signs for Open House and Meet the Teacher
 MEET THE TEACHER is Wednesday night, and
 these Meet the Teacher signs and forms will help things run smoothly! 
I've used these for years and love them! 
This summer I added 32 themes!! 
I "think" I'll use chalkboard this year!
Love these Class Newsletters-editable and ink friendly
Oh, how much I love these Editable Newsletters
No more wasting ink, and my weekly newsletters are still super cute! 
More than 50 themes and EDITABLE!

I organize my classroom with these fun Supply Labels.
My Supply Labels keep me organized and help the room look nice!

I love using editable class calendars-for behavior or class reminders!
These Behavior and Monthly Calendars make my life so much easier! 
I print them ALL before school starts! 
Several options to choose from and EDITABLE, too!

Back to School I Have, Who Has-Class Names! OMG! It's editable!

I can't wait to use this new creation! 
It's entirely editable to fit your individual needs!
And, yes! That is First Grade Me! :)

Happy August, Friends!