Changing out those Labels!

Hellooo, Bloggy friends!!
I have just completed the 12 days of B2S!
You know what I mean.
You get home from school, and all you want to do is sit and stare...
or lie down and sleep.
FINALLY, I feel like I can type a somewhat sensible post.

My camera has been a little ill lately,
 so my classroom pics are at a minimal.
 I hope to post a tour soon.
 Until then, I'll show you my label makeovers.

My room is blue and green this year,
and I wanted my labels to match.
So...enter KPM Doodles,  Melonheadz, and Clipart Corner.

Old Labels- So Sad!!
These are what my old labels looked like. Oh, my!

I wanted something new and fresh that matched my color scheme.
I decided to shake things up a bit and put my labels on sticks.
I tried dowels, but they were a bit large.
A friend suggested chopsticks-what a grand idea! 

They worked perfectly!

Here are some of my labels now!

New Labels-So Happy!!
Guard your eyes from the laminate glare!
 I attached the chopsticks on the inside of the pails and
back of the labels with clear packing tape.

I like my warm colors and cool colors separated...I know...

 The extra markers go here.

While I was at it, I made new Days of the Week
 and Months of the Year cards.
You know, we are all about Peace and Love in my classroom!!

Obviously, the months are seasonally based.

I made Focus Wall cards and Writer's Eye cards, too!
My little Purple Cow was busy!!!
 I do love the way they turned out, though. 

Once my camera is feeling better, I'll take classroom pics!
Have a fabulous Wednesday, y'all!!