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My Favorite Gift for Parents

Hi, everyone!

At some point in the year, most of us help our kiddos make gifts for their parents. I wanted to share with you my favorite parent gift. I truly LOVE this art project! Parents do, too! 

What you need:

1) One frame per child (I buy the wooden ones without glass for $1 at Michaels)

2) One paintbrush per child

3) Mod Podge

4) Paint cups, etc to hold Mod Podge

5) Tissue Paper squares
6) Letters for each child's name

7) One photograph of each child (I use black and white)

I apologize for the darkness. Iphone pic...

Here's what you do:
1) Students attach tissue paper squares to their frames with paint brushes and Mod Podge. It's very important to put enough glue on the frame (a good base coat).

2) Once all the tissue paper is on, students should put another layer of Mod Podge on top of the tissue paper. If this step is skipped, the tissue paper will come off the frame. 

3) Let the frames dry.

4) When the frames are completely dry, students glue the letters of their names to the frames, just as they did the tissue paper.

Look at my sweet pumpkins! Beautiful! 

       UPDATE: Previously, I used letters cut from magazines. Last year, I began using alphabet clip art and LOVE the way it looks!

I allow my kiddos to be as creative as they like. Some make patterns or use monochromatic colors (different shades of the same color). Last year one boy made a camouflage frame. So cute!

One word about photos: I take close-up shots of each child and print in black and white. I like the contrast of color and b/w. 

We do this each year for Christmas, but it would be perfect for Valentine's Day, Easter, or Mother's/Father's Day.

If you decide to make these, I'd love to see your pics!

I promise...You'll love it! Have a wonderful week!