What We're Reading Wednesday-Dental Health | Peace, Love, and First Grade

What We're Reading Wednesday-Dental Health

One predictable part of first grade is that teeth are going to fall out! 

As you know, I've been teaching for some time...and years ago, books about teeth were hard to come by. Not so anymore! There is a plethora (Ha! like that word) of Dental Health books out there! I'm listing the fiction books we are loving right now, but there are also loads of nonfiction books, as well!

This is the most overworked Tooth Fairy ever!

Don't you love all the books about this adorable bear?!

Stewart's sweet tooth is making his life unbearable!
See what happens in a small town when Grandpa's teeth are stolen! Funny story!
Expect lots of giggles with Robert Munsch!

Poor Lola faces loads of problems when her tooth becomes loose!

Truman's first tooth is loose in this precious celebration of childhood! 
Have you seen this precious book about Dr. Moose??
We should all be so lucky to have a dentist like him!

 Oldies but Goodies!

And....Junie B!